Byker Primary School

Week starting 29.06.20

Bonjour! (Hello)


Ca va? (How are you?)


Can you remember our French lessons? You were all doing amazingly well at learning a new language and having conversations with your friends in class. Who can remember how to say...? 

'I am called _____. I am _____ years old.'


Well, we are at the start of another week and are all eager to learn something new. Let's go!


**You will need some packaging for Geography and maybe PSHCE so start rummaging in the recycling rubbish**


Please start by reading the weekly plan. It will tell you what to do each day. Then, take a look at each subject on our class page to see if there is anything you need to complete an activity. If you are still unsure, return to the plan and it will explain what to do.


Good luck! Only do what you can! Remember you could always miss something out and come back to it.


A new Music Star has been added to class pages which is exciting for all of the young musicians amongst the children of our school. Please take a look when you can.


Take care, have fun and know that we are missing you all. We hope that reading our messages each day makes you smile.


Keep washing your hands, taking some breaths of fresh air and moving around. I have added a link to Mr Danquah's PE lessons to the weekly plan so there is no excuse winkheart (Just kidding!)

Weekly Plan




Spelling, punctuation and grammar


Everything you need is detailed on the weekly plan. Don't forget to send a photo of your creations to Byker Books (Facebook page) if you can. We would love to see them! laugh




You will find this and an explanation of what to do on the weekly plan. Enjoy model making!