Byker Primary School

Week starting 22.06.20

Hello Year 3, 


How are we all today? If you were a cake, what kind would you be?


Last week, things looked a little different on our page. We hope opening the week's plan helped you to see all that was to come and navigate your way through the week. Anything you need to complete the activities will be added under each day of the week so that it is easy to find. Sometimes, if you are writing, thinking of or discussing ideas you will only need some paper from your workbook and your word card (to magpie/steal ideas from) so please read the plan first each day.


Time to dive into this week's activities. There are a lot so PLEASE do not feel pressured to do them all. Start with English and Maths and then if you have time choose from the other subjects. Look out for the changes to these subjects to keep you interested and excited to learn new things.


You have got this! 


I love to see what you have been doing at home, so please don't forget you can show me using the Byker Books Facebook page.


Remember, if you are feeling not quite your self, take some deep breaths.


We used to do rainbow breathing at school. Why not try it at home too?


Take care and be kind to yourself and others. We are all in this together!


Weekly Plan



The activities saved as 'part 2' are to move onto once you feel confident with that day's learning. I know how much you love to go the extra mile!


Good luck lively learners!


Spelling, punctuation and grammar





The Geography Song

Remember to think about the questions on this weeks plan!