Byker Primary School

Week starting 13.7.20

Hello Year 3 children and families,


Can you believe that we have reached the last week of the school year and after Friday you are on your summer holiday? Yikes! 

It has been the most unusual time for so many of us and yet you have visited this page week after week to learn new things which is amazing! You can say with pride that you coped calmly and bravely with so many changes during Covid 19. We are extremely proud of you all at this time and looking back over the time we spent together from September to almost the end of March.


Thank you for making us smile, warming our hearts, reminding us why we love to teach, the memories of exciting trips together, sharing your news, kindness and talents and growing in confidence and ability. We have loved every moment and we hope that you have too!


Enjoy working through this week's activities. I have left one of your favourites until last... poetry! Time to have fun as you complete your last ever Year 3 pieces of work.


Enjoy a fantastic summer! I'm keeping everything crossed for bright, sunny weather and as I can't say it in person PLEASE STAY SAFE! 


We can't wait to see you all again in September, when we will get the chance to catch up, share our own experiences, quieten any nerves or worries, have team hugs and say our goodbyes before you move onto Year 4 for another wonderful year.


Mrs Quinn, Miss McCowie, Mrs Goldsworthy, Miss McAllister, Mrs Ryle, Mrs Easten, Mr Richards laughwinkcool

Weekly plan

Remember to read first as it will explain all of the activities.

Maths and Mental Maths

There are some website links to games and songs to help us along with our learning on the weekly plan


Please read the weekly plan, each day, before you start. Each reading and writing activity is explained in detail and there are further examples and helpful tips here too.


Spelling, punctuation and grammar