Byker Primary School

Week commencing 22.6.20

HELLO! It’s your Year 4 teachers here again. Here are the new activities for you to have a go at this week. Good luck!


Did you manage to read the report about Britain's' favourite biscuits? What is your favourite? Well, that article sparked a very heated debate on WhatsApp, with us (Mrs Barnes, Mr Goldsborough and Ms Jarvis)! We just couldn't agree on one biscuit between us! It turns out that Mr Goldsborough's favourite biscuit is a custard cream, Mrs Barnes' is a ginger snap and Ms Jarvis' is a chocolate digestive. But do we dunk our biscuits in our tea? That's a whole other discussion! 


Our fact of the week is... June 22nd is actually 'Teacher Day' in a country called El Salvador. There was us thinking the teachers at BPS had it good! Teachers, who work in the country of El Salvador, get a WHOLE DAY dedicated to them. During this day, teachers get awards, special thank you cards AND they throw a huge party to celebrate how fabulous teachers are. When all of this calms down, your Year 4 teachers might have to take a little trip to El Salvador!


We are now going to have a weekly page and everything you need for this week is on this page!  Each week there will be a plan (read this first) with lots of activities for you to try.  Please don't feel you have to do it all!  Just do what you can. We hope you continue to enjoy your learning!


There will be a daily activity for:

  • Mental Maths
  • Maths
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • SPaG


There will also be something for Science, Art, Music and Geography.



This week our PSHCE topic is all about CHANGE. Have a look at our weekly plan to see the different activities we have set for you! Remember, there will be a Mental Maths, Maths, Reading, Writing, SPaG, PSHCE activity and a bonus lesson for you to complete each day. Have a great week everyone! P.S. Only do what you can! All 3 of us know you will try your very best and that's all we can ask.