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Hello Year 5! laughblush


Can you believe that this is the last week of term?! In my opinion, I think the time has gone so quickly, we have gone from March to July in the blink of an eye! What do you think? Anyway, here we have your weekly activities. You will see that for your English lessons this week we are persuading people to visit a Space Hotel! We know how much you love persuasive writing because the letters that you wrote persuading young witches and wizards to join Hogwarts were amazing! You also have an opportunity to set yourself three new year resolutions that you hope to achieve in Year 6 - this could be anything from hoping to improve at something or learning a new skill! Remember to look to the planning document first as this will help you make sense of the activities laugh.


As it is the last week of term, Miss Ruffman and I have left special messages for our classes. I know that we both agree on what a fantastic year group you have been, I hope you have enjoyed this year as much as us! Enjoy this weeks activities and we hope to see you all soon, whenever that may be!


Stay safe Year 5!



Message for 5R


Hey everyone! smileyWhat a strange year this has turned out to be! I am sad that your time in Year 5 was cut short, which means that you have missed some fun things we had planned! However, I think we still managed to have some pretty great times before lock down started! We were so lucky to go to High Borrans and lots of other fun trips! I can't wait to see you in September - it will be lovely to have a bit of time together before you go off to Year 6! Have a lovely Summer holiday and look after yourselves! Miss Ruffman

Message for 5T


Well 5T, where do we start? This year will be remembered for lots of reasons but I will remember it for the year I had my first class, and what a truly amazing class you have been! I have honestly loved every minute of Year 5, it has been full of countless memories that I will cherish including; High Borrans, attendance trips, exploding volcanoes, drama performances and so much more! I hope that you have enjoyed this year as much as I have. It has been a pleasure to see the progress you have made and grow in confidence. Thank you for being such a brilliant class, I know that Miss MacIntosh and Mrs Brand have loved teaching you as well! Once you are back in school, please feel free to come and say hello! If there is anything you need help with in Year 6, then just ask! Your next teacher will be lucky to have you. 

Keep staying safe and enjoy your summer holidays!


Well done on completing Year 5,


Mr Thacker laugh

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Here is my example of an acrostic poem for Space!


S Stars glittering in the night sky.

P Planets of all shapes and sizes.

A Astronauts exploring the Solar System.

C Countdowns to lift off: 3, 2, 1 blast off!

E Every day I wonder if there are aliens watching us from space!

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