Byker Primary School

Week commencing 13.7.20

Hello Year 4 and welcome to our final week of the school year!


We cannot believe the year we have all had! But we have said it before and we'll say it again, you have all handled it so maturely. It sounds like we will all see each other again in September, so don't worry because we will have a proper chance say our goodbyes, before you go to Year 5. 


When we do get back, lets all make sure to take full advantage of school, as we have all missed it (even the teachers have). Before that though, here are are your final pieces of Year 4 work. Enjoy every single question, because Year 4 only happens once!


We can't wait to see you all in September, we really have missed you all.


Here is a video to watch that explains feelings of worry, just incase any of you are feeling unsure about coming back to school, or moving up a year group. IT'S TOTALLY NORMAL!!!


Stay safe! Keep smiling!

Ms Jarvis, Mrs Barnes and Mr Goldsborough 

Weekly Plan
This weeks PSHCE activities are all about looking after others. Remember to check the weekly plan for more information about each activity!