Byker Primary School

Week beginning 29.6.2020

Hello Year 1!


We hope you have had an amazing weekend, the lovely sunny weather has been wonderful. Have you been able to get out and about at all?


This week we are starting a new story, we have heard some great feedback about "Alien's Love Underpants" so many of you seemed to really enjoy that story. So we hope you will also enjoy our new story which is...


Handa's Suprise!


We have some great activities this week which we hope you will all enjoy.yes Remember to only do what you can and have some fun too!smiley

Have a look at the weekly plan first to give you an idea of the work we have set for you.


Speak soon!

Year 1 teamsmiley

This weeks plan:
Foundation Subjects (Music, Art, Geography, Science):

Ndebele Art videos to watch:

These videos give you some information about what Ndebele art is and also information about a famous artist.