Byker Primary School

Week beginning 22.6.2020

Hello Year 1, we hope you have had a lovely weekend.

We are continuing with the Aliens Love Underpants book this week. heart


Everything you will need for the week, you will find on this page.

Read the plan first, this will explain the overview of the week.


There is some music from Charanga for you this week, so get those singing voices and your wiggles ready to show off. 


We hope you have fun with our activities this week.

Remember you don't have to do all of it.


PSHCE looks at changes - IT'S GOOD TO TALK! 


Fun Fact:  23rd June is International Olympics Day -

Celebrating the importance of games in every day life!  Go and run around!!

Check out the PE page for ideas and lessons for you to keep up the Olympian spirit!

Weekly Plan - READ ME FIRST

Music this week uses Charanga.

It's the same as we do in class, with the listening and appraisal of the music, then a warm up and some moving to the beat.

You will need to follow the instructions of how to join yumu (see the PDF above).  Then it's step by step, work your way though each part (especially the parts you like doing in class mine is moving the count with the bear!).  Have fun  smiley