Byker Primary School

Week 6 Beginning 6.7.20

Good Morning to all our wonderful Nursery Children and Families,


We hope that you are all well and you are keeping safe with your loved ones. Last week, we read the story ‘Aliens Love Dinopants’ by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort and we really hope that you enjoyed the fun challenges that we set for you.


This week our new theme is ‘Robots’ and we will be reading the story ‘Nobot, The Robot with No Bottom!’ by Sue Hendra. We have lots planned in but please remember that although we would love for you to give lots of the activities a try, you do not have to complete them all.


If you feel like it is getting too tricky or you need a break, why not try some relaxing activities to rest your mind. Such as blowing bubbles, lying on the grass and watching the clouds drift by, listening to outside noises, going for a walk or even having a cuddle from someone you love.

You might even enjoy reading some jokes to make you smile or try making some of your own up. Why not have a read of these robot jokes to get you started:


Why was the robot mad?
People kept pushing his buttons!


What do robots wear when it snows?


What is a robots favourite kind of music?
Heavy metal! 


We hope those jokes made you smile. Have a super week and we will speak soon.

From all the Nursery Staff smiley