Byker Primary School

Week 3 - Beginning 15.06.2020

Good Morning Reception and welcome back to another working week. 


As I mentioned on Friday, this weeks work is going to be laid out slightly different. You will see a Weekly plan which is detailed and explains all of the tasks set out for the week. You will also find every resource required to complete the work which is titled with the day it is required for. 

I want to reiterate that this work is set out as guidelines. Please don't feel obliged to complete it all, and you can complete it any which way you feel. 

If for any reason, you're finding the work set slightly too difficult or too easy, please feel free to check out the year below or the year above class page. 

A few changes to make you aware of is what is included. Instead of only having Maths, Phonics and Topic, you will now see:

- Maths





-Physical Education ideas

-Useful websites and links


This work is set for both my class and Mrs Smiths. I hope you have as much fun completing it as I did planning it and making it. 

Enjoy the work you choose to complete boys and girls.


As always, keep smiling! laugh

Miss Bell & Mrs Smith heart