Byker Primary School

Wednesday 15th



For Maths we are going to look at our times tables and use them to complete short multiplication questions. There will be a few different versions of the same activity. You decide which one is best for you. The bigger the numbers, the trickier the questions! 


Task 1 - Complete the times table questions on paper

Task 2 - Try one of the short multiplication worksheets (or do both if you're up for the challenge!)



For your English today, I'd like you to explore some Christmas Poetry.


The first activity is a word document called 'Christmas Poems'. Read through each poem and decide what you do or don't like about it. On Friday, I'm going to be asking what your favourite poem was and why. You could also look for rhyming pairs and make a note of them if you can.


The second activity is a PDF document called 'Christmas Acoustic Poem'. For this one, I'd like you to make an acrostic poem about Christmas. It doesn't have to rhyme but the rule is that each line has to start with a letter from Christmas. You should write these down if possible. Here's an example one for snow:

Snowflakes falling in the air.

Noses and cheeks bright red in the cold.

Old ladies and gentlemen wrapped up warm.

Will it be a white Christmas this year?


I've then created a Christmas Wordsearch for you to do - the link is here: