Byker Primary School

Week 6 Beginning 6.7.20

Hello Year 2,


Can you believe this is your penultimate week of Year 2 surprise. This means the one before the last.


How quick this year has gone, even though we only got to spend a short time together, it has been absolutely amazing and certainly a year that none of us will forget!


The weather is supposed to be good again this week so fingers crossed that you can have some fun outdoor adventures, although the British weather can change so quickly!


Below we have another fun-filled plan with lots of activities for you to try. Our English topic is one we have never done before so we hope that you have as much fun learning about it as we did making it. As always, you will find the resources you need either linked on the plan or saved below. Please read the plan first as it will tell you what to do and if you need any resources or the links to complete the activity. 


Try your best with every activity you do and if you are struggling, do as much as you can and then move on to your next activity. You do not have to do them all, just do what you can!


Have the best second-last week Year 2 heart


Miss Mackay, Mrs Bradley, Mrs Brice and Mrs Cook