Byker Primary School

Week 7 Beginning 13.7.20

Good Morning Year 2,


Can you believe this is the last week of term before you have the summer holidays off?

It has been such a strange end to the year for us all. I am sure in September you will all have got taller, have bigger feet and be as smiley as ever! 

We have included all of your activities below but most of all enjoy your learning, have a break if you get tired or aren't sure how to do something then return to it with fresh eyes. smiley

Keep safe, be kind and have an awesome summer.


We have all left a message for our classes so have a read below.


Message for 2Br

Hi everyone,

I hope you are well. It is strange to be writing this instead of talking to you in class and telling you what a fantastic year this has been and what a fantastic class you have been! Our class is full of kind, caring, funny, helpful, crazy, happy, energetic and thoughtful people who make me really proud to have got to know you this year. You have such a positive energy and support each other really well. You are beginning to understand how to be a big team and look after each other. I know Mrs Telford and Miss Andisen feel the same too! Some of my favourite memories this year have been learning about The Great Fire of London and the fire truck coming to visit, going on a trip to the farm, doing yoga and mindfulness, starting to do Forest School activities and blowing bubbles on the yard with you at play time. I hope you have lots of happy memories even though this year in history will be known for the outbreak of a global pandemic. You have lived this and it will make us stronger. I can't wait to see you and catch up on all of your news but until then have a fantastic summer.

Love from Mrs Brice  

Hello Year 2BM,


It’s Mrs Bradley here. smiley Usually we would be able to spend some time in this last week of term, chatting about our year, everything you have all achieved, all of the fun times we have shared and lasting memories we have made. Since this year has been a little different, it means we are not able to do that just yet. Until we are able to chat again, I just wanted to write you a message to say how proud I am of each and every one of you. You are such a caring, kind and friendly class and it has been a real pleasure to see you all looking out for each other this year. I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you all and we have learnt about so many amazing things together. Some of my favourite times are exactly the same as Mrs Brice’s, which just shows how fun they were. It was especially great when the fire brigade visited our school with their fire engine and you all got a chance to spray water from the huge hose. We also had some great adventures together at the farm and when we visited Newcastle Castle and you all took part in 'Knight School'.


It has been an absolute delight getting to know you all this year and it will be fantastic to see your smiley faces when we return to school; I bet you have all grown so much. A huge well done to you all for trying your best during this global pandemic and the time that we have been apart – you are all superstars!


I hope you all have a brilliant summer holiday. Stay safe Year 2, look after yourselves, be kind to your family and friends and have fun.


Sending lots of smiles your way. laugh

Mrs Bradley heart  

Hi Year 2 it's Miss Mackay  laugh


Seems a little strange typing this message instead of saying this in person but that can't be helped. I wanted to say how lucky I feel to have spent the time getting to know every single one of you and watching how much you grew and learnt in our short time together!


2Br it was lovely to be able to get to know you and help you create your magnificent shields for your knight's dance. What scary and fearsome warriors you all made! You never failed to make me laugh and definitely kept me on my toes every Thursday!


2B/M I can't say enough how proud I am of you all this year. You never let the busy and jam packed day stop you and the amount you have all achieved, both with your learning and with personal victories, is astonishing! You are an amazingly caring class, a quality I hope you continue to show next year! We have laughed, cried, danced and sang our way through Year 2 and I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute and hope you did too.


For now a virtual hug will have to do but I can't wait to be reunited in September to see you all and hear of all your adventures! Have the most amazing summer, stay safe and make lots of memories!


See you soon heart

Miss Mackay