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Summer 2

Week beginning 6th June 2022

Welcome back to you all.

This week we celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee. We invited the parents in and how you all loved getting involved with your children to decorate cakes, make crowns and flags and play along with us in Preschool.

The children looked at different pictures of the Queen through her reign and we talked about how she changed as she got older and also looked at her family in the photographs. We talked about the Queen living in London, in Buckingham Palace and how it was very big. The children said they might like to meet the queen one day.

Thank you for sharing our celebrations and making it a lovely day for us.

The children have had a wonderful week looking at different books about helping people and being kind. We talked about what we do with our friends and what we don’t do.

The children have also enjoyed completing our giant floor puzzles this week in groups and we all worked together to complete the puzzles, including the big fire engine and Elmer the elephant ones.



Week beginning 13th June 2022

This week we took part in our sports day. The children enjoyed running the races and seeing who could win. The children also had to use the new equipment which Mr Danquah set up. We had to balance the eggs on the spoons and walk across the stepping stones, trying to keep our balance. What a great day we all had. The children all did very well and tried their best. Well done to all of them.

Our new topic this term is people who help us. We have looked at policemen and firemen and how they help us. The children enjoyed being doctors and nurses and looked after Karen when she was poorly. They used the stethoscope and bandages to make sure she was ok. The children decided she needed 2 weeks in hospital to get better and some medicine too.

We hope all of the dads liked their special cards too which the children made and the parents and carers too who are the children’s heroes.

Week beginning 20th June 2022


This week has been a scorching week so the children took their learning outside. We have explored water play lots and this lead to a water fight between a few of us. The children have been continuing to look at people who help us and we made some scarecrows to help the farmers. We placed these in the edible garden on the main yard so look out for them if you can. 

we have made a road in the garden with a tunnel too. Chenai drew the road and added the road markings. Angela also made a traffic light which she used to explain the rules of the road to them. They were good at listening to the instructions and stopping at the red light. One child also enjoyed been a police man in his police car and gave children tickets for driving too fast.