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Summer 2

WB Monday 27th June. 

This week Nursery have focused on the story ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson.


They have had a fun filled week making broomsticks, making potions in the water tray, making spells with rhyming words, counting spiders and completing interactive maths games. The children have loved bringing the story to life using the puppet show to retell the story. 

We would like to thank everyone who was able to come to our transition meeting on Wednesday evening. If you were unable to attend please do not worry as Transition packs are on the way to you, which contain all the information you need to know. 

As it is our final week in Nursery next week before transition, we are having a fun filled week on Pirates. If your child is a Bear Cub the can come to school dressed as a Pirate for our pirate party on Wednesday 6th July to celebrate their last session. If your child is a Tiger Cub they can come to school dressed as a Pirate on Friday 8th July for their final session in Nursery. 

We are equally excited and sad it is our last week in Nursery but can’t wait to have a final week of fun!

W/b: Monday 20th June 2022


Wow, what a fun week we have had! We have certainly made most of this week and been enjoying the outdoors lots; making sure we have kept safe with drinks and sun hats. We have been on bug hunts exploring where insects live in our wider world. We found spiders, wood lice, beetles and even a white moth. It was fantastic to see the children so interested in learning about other living creatures. We have also been making mud pies and potions using flowers, sticks and stones. The children even made a pond for their own ducks (sorry parents if your children have been coming home a little dirty, but they have had so much fun).

         This week our story has been “Marmaduke the very different Dragon”. Through this we have created their own Dragons and described all of their qualities. We have also been making dragon eggs with play dough and our own sparkly Dragons in the creative area. This week we have also been focusing on 3D shapes and exploring their properties. The children were able to identify the 2D shapes on the faces of the 3D shapes. 
          We finished off the week with a relaxing story and an ice pop outside under our pergola on a picnic blanket, what a treat. 


            Your teachers are excited to see what fun and learning you get up to next week!


W/B: Tuesday 7th and Monday 13th June 2022


It has been a very busy couple of weeks at Nursery! The first week flew by in preparation for celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee. The role-play corner was decorated and set as one large castle and the play areas were all looking good too, ready for the children to immerse into the atmosphere of Nobility and Royalty. Children enjoyed dressing up as knights and princesses, ‘cooking’ and ‘eating’ at the banquet table and ‘drinking’ from goblets.


Our topic story during these weeks was ‘Hector and the Big Bad Knight’ by Alex T. Smith and the children were showing their solidarity with the brave boy Hector who defeated the strong but mean knight by outsmarting him. At the writing table, children shared their ideas about what they would take with them to the trip to the castle. Just like our clever Hector did! At the Maths table, they used 2D shapes cut-outs to make their own castle. At the small world tray, children had an opportunity to build their own stories around the figures of knights and dragons hiding inside of the castle.


Just to add to the excitement, children had their own Royal picnic and engaged in the ring game ‘There was a Princess long ago’: a chosen Knight relieved a sleeping Princess from the spell of an evil Witch. On Wednesday, children showed their parents around the Royal Nursery during the Stay and Play session. Together with their Mums, Dads and siblings, they made crowns out of golden paper plates and decorated them with glittery gems, ‘cooked’ some magnificent playdough cakes and built tall towers out of foam blocks, while listening to the medieval music. What an exciting day it was for all of us at Nursery!


We got off to a flying start to the second week by receiving the letter from Hector in which he asked children to help him build a 3D shape castle, which they eagerly did. Children were busy making sparkly magic wands and play dough castles decorated with 2D shapes. They were writing their names in preparation for the reception class and filled in and emptied toy trucks with dry pasta, using Mathematical language related to capacity such as ‘full’, ‘empty’, ‘half full’.


Everyone was excited for Wednesday, the busiest and warmest day of the week! Children couldn’t wait to take part in the Sports Day carousel activities. They worked hard in their teams, balancing on the obstacle steps, jumping over hurdles and running fast many lengths. After they had their individual and class photographs taken, children took part in a science experiment and saved the dragon from the ice. They shared their ideas about qualities of ice and how best to thaw it, then observed it melting down and turning into water.


What an exciting beginning of the last summer term!




Next Week is Refugee Week

Dates to remember:


6th July Parents Meeting