Byker Primary School

Summer 1

Friday 13th May 2022

Today, we started painted our vehicles in Design and Technology. We are going to add the wheels and axels to our vehicles next week.

Thursday 5th May 2022

This term in science, we are learning all about plants. Today we planted some cress seeds in different conditions in the classroom. Some seeds had water, no water, light, dark, soil and no soil. Furthermore, we also planted some French Beans and we are going to observe their growth over the next few weeks.

Welcome back year 1!

We hope you have had a wonderful Easter, this half term we are starting a new key text which is 'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes. We will be making predictions about the text and writing recounts. We will be focusing on our new theme of 'Toys' in our foundation subjects which we think you will love!