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Summer 1

Week beginning 25th April 2022. 

Welcome back.

It is so lovely to have the children back after the Easter break.

This week our children have been looking at healthy foods during our circle time and snack time. We talked about fruit and vegetables been super healthy and how we should only eat a small amount of treats. We also discussed why milk was a good choice of drink, for our bones and teeth.

The children love been outdoors on the bikes and have been developing their manoeuvring skills by driving along the road which Chenai made for us and obstacle courses which Emma and Angela built using different resources. We used stop and go signals when driving the cars and bikes to learn about road safety too.

The children work with their key workers to complete a plan, do and review activity. This is where they can plan anything they want and share the own ideas on how to make this. One child made and aeroplane and another created a tiger using lolly pop sticks and orange card.

Our P.E. session with Mr Danquah involved lots of climbing and scooting around the gym on our balance boards. The children were able to follow the instructions to safely use the equipment in the gym. The children enjoy the P.E. sessions and this will prepare them for their weekly lessons within nursery too.

We have been looking at the story of Little Red Riding hood this week too and the children retold the story very well, acting out different parts of the story.