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Spring 2


OOOH White rabbits!! First of the month.

March seems to have wizzed past fast.

Here's a quick run down of someof the things we have been doing.....

​​​​​​Science Plants

We have been growing sun flowers and cress to see which grows the quickest.  We have some amazing plants.

We watched some time lapse photography of plants growing too.

Take a look here:




Sunflowers and cress Week 1

Sunflowers and cress - week 2


This week we have been investigating 1/2 and 1/4s of numbers and objects.

Did you know that we couldn't halve an odd number?

We have halved and quartered fruit and sweets.

We LOVE maths especially quartering packs of Love Hearts




Sorry it has taken me so long to upload your amazing work be we have been so busy.


This week we have been looking at 2D shapes and sorting them, looking at their properties and how to describe them.


Did you know 

A nine sided 2d shape is a nonagon!!


Ask your child if they can tell you the name of a 6 sided, 5 sided or the name for all 4 sided shapes.



We used mirrors to check to lines of symmetry

2d is flat, 3d is fat!