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Spring 2

Week beginning 14th March 2022 


This week we have looked at 'The Enormous Turnip' book. We read the story and then acted out the story where the children needed to work together to pull the turnip out of the ground. They also looked at a turnip which Mrs. Bays had gotten from the farmer. The children described it as hard, cold and heavy. At snack time, the children also tried some turnip. Most of the children did not like it, but Ollie said it was yummy. 


The water tray has been very popular this week and the children seemed very happy filling the different size pots and containers with water and seeing if they could add the animals and making them sink and float. The cars sunk to the bottom but Daddy pig and Fireman Sam floated up to the top and fell out of the bucket. 


The children created pictures for valentines day today for those who they love. They used the glue and choose which coloured pieces they could add. The children have free choice on our craft trolley and know they can use the resources any way they like to create whatever they want. The children are good at using many different resources including paint, glue and collage materials. 


It was science week this week too so the children have been looking at gloop. We looked at the cornflour but it wasn't very good to play with so we added water and watched how it changed. The children showed a good use of vocabulary by describing the gloop as cold, drippy and some children didn't like the feel of it. We learnt that if we made it into a ball and kept it moving it was hard but then when we kept it still it was slime and went through our fingers.

Week beginning 7th March 2022


This week the children have been using their fine motor skills to practice lots of different jobs. We have been using peg and peg boards, beads and threading and dough disco. The children can also now zip their own coats up with support. They are doing so well. 


Dough disco is a great activity with playdough to support the children in the development of their hands, ready for learning to hold their pencils correctly to write in nursery. 


We have also been continuing our story of Old Macdonald this week too. We used clay to make animals and then painted them. We have enjoyed creating sheep with paper plates and cows with paper cups.


The children are very creative and express themselves in many different ways using their hands, bodies and various tools. 


The baby area and the small world area are always very popular, with the children caring for the babies by feeding them and cuddling them and using the little people to add narrative into their play. 




Week beginning 7th March 2022

Week beginning 28th February 2022


Welcome back to Pre-school. 


This week the children have been looking at the story of Old Macdonald had a farm. 

We have looked at different animals and even made our own animals out of playdough. The children looked at the features and recreated them in play dough. 

The children have also used craft resources to create farm animals too. We used our building skills to build house for the animals too. We talked about them being big and small and tested which animals would fit into the spaces. 


Spanish day. 

Today, we celebrated Spanish day within school. We learnt to say hello and goodbye in Spanish and even had some lovely Spanish food. We tried olives, Spanish cheese and Omelette! The children were very good at trying the new foods. We then went to see Mr Danquah and took part in some Spanish dancing. The children loved this! 


World Book Day. 

It was world book day this week. Thank you for sending your children in in their wonderful outfits. They looked great. 

We read 'Someone Swallowed Stanley' today and looked at the plastic bag which was causing trouble in the sea. We talked about using the bins for our rubbish and making old things into new things by recycling. The bag was turned into a kite so some children made kites and some children recycled boxes, newspapers and bottles to make junk models. 


I have added a link for the story so please do have a look!!


Mrs Bays