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Spring 2

W/B: Monday 13th and Monday 20th March 2023


Our ‘Feelings’ and ‘Under the Sea’ topics opened with the ‘Rainbow Fish’ story, followed by the ‘Sharing a Shell’. Children listened to the stories and discussed why it is important to share with others and how people we shared with might repay us back with kindness.


At the writing table, children had an opportunity to draw sea creatures by looking at the step-by-step visual instructions and photographs. At the Creative table they painted the Sea following the works of the artist, Bill McArthur. There were some amazing drawings and paintings proudly uploaded on Tapestry by the nursery’s staff.


The ‘Under the Sea’ estimation station was buzzing with children exploring corks, shells and sea creatures, sorting them out and comparing jars with identical objects. Children were guessing which jars had more, less or the same number of objects inside, then checking if they were right by counting the items and drawing a tally.


Sensory play seemed to be popular too, with everyone busily making a shell pattern in playdough, filling the jars of different capacity with some ocean water from the water tray, sorting the shells by their size in a sand tray.


On Wednesday, it was lovely to see so many parents attending the Parents’ Evening. Thanks for coming and celebrating your child’s learning progress with us!


The dates to remember for the next week:


Wednesday 29th March (Full time children and Bear Cubs) and Friday 31st March (Full time children and Tiger Cubs) – Easter Stay &Play sessions for parents and children at nursery with lots of crafts and fun activities.


Friday 31st March – the last day of school before the Easter holidays break. Children are coming back to school on Monday 17th April.



W/B: Monday 6th March 2023


What a fun week we have had in Nursery this week! This week we have seen the snow fall and had a lot of fun exploring out outdoor area during this cold weather snap! The children were able to explore melting snow and were able to discuss what made the snow melt. They also explored ice and worked out ways to rescue the trapped cars and ducks outside. The children also had the opportunity to try out some sledges. They worked well in pairs, taking turns to pull the sledge with their partner on it. It was lovely to see the joy in your children's faces. 


Our story this week is Lucy Ladybird which is our key text for the term which your children will be taking home with them for Easter. The children have explored comparison through 'more' and 'less', counting how many spots the Ladybird had and which Ladybird had more spots and which has less. The children have also been learning about 'The Life Cycle of a Ladybird'. They created their own life cycle by drawing it onto a paper plate, what amazing knowledge they have learn't. The children were also able to follow instructions to create their own Ladybird biscuits, yummy!


Next week we have more exciting things to explore and we can't wait to show you what else your children have been learning. 


The Nursery Teachers. 

W/B: 27th March 2023


Children came back to Nursery refreshed after a week of holidays and dived straight into play, learning and the celebration of the World Book Day. Our weekly topic story the ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ fitted perfectly into the World Book theme of fairy tales. Children were very excited to come to school wearing fancy dresses and comfortable clothing and bringing their favourite books to share with the class.


It was a great opportunity for children to mix up with the rest of the school! Some Year 3 and 4 readers came to share stories with pupils in our reading corner. After that, nursery pupils joined in the rest of the EYFS pupils in the hall for a World Book parade to celebrate the characters they were dressed up as. When back into the classroom, pupils had an opportunity to complete the activities linked to the story and to act it out with some props.


For Maths, children measured beanstalks of different sizes and the Giant’s footprints with linking cubes and counted the beans. They used their imagination to draw pictures of what would they found on the top of a beanstalk. Children used different materials to make the beanstalks: paper and felt, Duplo blocks and shaving foam, playdough, and herbs. In the afternoons, they began planting their own real beans and talked about key features of the life cycle of a plant.


What an amazing start of the second Spring term at Nursery!

  W/B: Monday 25th March 2022


We would like to wish a warm welcome back to our nursery children and their families. We hope you had a lovely Easter break, we’ve heard lot’s of fun stories from the children about their time off.


What a fun and eventful week we have had in Nursery. This week we have welcomed our new Class text of ‘the Tiger who came to Tea’. The children have explored the book in depth, looking at some of the job roles mentioned in the story, discussing what their parents do and what they would like to be when they grow up. We have also explored weight using scales and comparing different items of food that the tiger ate in the story. The children have used playdough to make cupcakes, drawn their own Tigers and learnt some new sounds through our RWI phonics Scheme ‘n’ and ‘p’.


Children at the beginning of the week, in the Bear Cubs, had the exciting opportunity to see a Fire Engine that was booked in to visit our Reception class. They were able to ask lots of questions and even had a go at putting out their own pretend fire and using the hose. We can’t wait to see what fun things we will get up to next week. A quick reminder of Bank Holiday Monday this coming Monday. Bear Cubs will return to school on Tuesday 3rd of May. 





· Reminder of Tiger Cubs Individual Photos on the 29th of April.


· Reminder of Parents Evening on the 4th of May. Time slots have been     given and it would be fantastic to see you all there.  


  W/B: Monday 4th April 2022


What another super week in Nursery. We have had so much fun learning all about Easter with our Nursery children and taking part in lots of fun Nursery activities such as egg counting, cards, crafts, Spring stories, egg hunts, songs and games.

However, the absolute highlight of our week has been our 'Stay and Play' days. The children have loved having you in Nursery, exploring the environment with you and showing you what we do each day. It has also been a huge pleasure for us to have you in too. We have loved having the opportunity to chat with you and to share with you all the exciting things we do in Nursery. We are already planning and hoping that we can host another 'Stay and Play' session in the Summer term. 

If you have any further questions regarding our presentation, please do not hesitate to speak to us. 

Thank you so much to all the parents who bought a raffle ticket, the money collected will be used to buy some new resources for our Nursery children. The winners have been picked and the children have been given their Easter basket prize - congratulations

A huge well done goes out to all the children who designed and decorated an egg for their homework task. We were extremely impressed by how amazing they were!


If you have not yet signed up for a parents evening appointment, we still have time slots ‚Äčavailable, please just add your name next to your required time on the sheet on the door. 

We break up for the Easter holidays on Thursday 7th April and school reopens on Monday 25th April. 


We hope that you all have a wonderful half term holiday, and we look forward to welcoming the children back and hearing all about what fun they have had with you when we return. 


Note: We break up for the Easter holidays on Thursday 7th April and school reopens on Monday 25th April.    

W/B Monday 28th March 

This week we have had fun learning new songs and moving to the beat. Our story this week has been ‘The Paper Dolls’ by Julia Donaldson. We have been thinking about what our favourite memory is and sharing these with our friends. We have been using our cutting skills to make our own paper dolls. 
We have loved exploring a range of PE equipment with Mr Danquah, problem solving and experimenting with how to move in a range of ways over and under equipment. 

Nursery have loved exploring the snow, mixing colours in the snow and seeing how the snow can change by using moulds. 

Please remember that you are invited to our stay and play session next week. 
Bear Cubs: Tuesday 5th April 8.45am-10am 

Tiger Cubs: Thursday 7th April 8.45am -10am


We break up for the Easter break on Thursday 7th April and return on Monday 25th April. 



W/B: Monday 21st March 2022


This week the children have been very busy learning all about 'sharing' with our new story ‘Sharing a Shell’. They have been drawing Sea Creatures, working on their fine motor skills by cutting out characters from the story and even making patterns in Maths using real objects such as shells, pinecones and wood. During P.E we even had the opportunity to play on the ‘Big Yard’ and the children had so much fun. Take a look at our pictures below of all their smiling faces. Also, the children at the end of the week made their own fire engine using a cardboard box. They chose their own materials and resources to make it look fantastic!


Not only that, the children have been excitedly working extra hard this week to create their special Mothers Day surprise. We hope you like them!


We'd also like to thank each child who brought in their 'Seaside' homework. The created work was fantastic and the children were able to tell us how much fun they had making it. 



WB Monday 14th March

We have had another wonderfully busy week in Nursery this week, continuing our kindness theme by delving into the act of sharing. We read 'Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister and discussed what it takes to be a good friend. The children had some incredible ideas about being kind, giving hugs and sharing their toys. 

Within the environment, the children have enjoyed creating their very own Rainbow Fish using multicoloured shiny scales, adding fish tails to our toys, learning about under the sea animals, sharing fish scales with our friends and exploring patterns in our environment. 

To end our week, some of our children dressed in red to support Comic Relief and continued to learn all about the importance of sharing and caring for others. 

WB Monday 7th March 

This week we have delved into our key text ‘Lucy Ladybird’. We have been learning all about the importance of being kind, how we are all different and that it is a good thing. 


We have been learning all about the life cycle of a ladybirds. The children have been learning the words ‘larva’ and ‘pupa’ associated to this. We have also been looking at how our beans have grown since we planted them last week, understanding we need to water them to help them grow. As well as this we have been learning about mixing colours and making shape pictures. Why not go on a shape hunt around the environment?


This has been an extremely exciting week as we have started phonics learning the sounds ‘m’ and ‘a’. See if your child can recognise these sounds, have a go at writing them or even find anything that begins with these sounds. 


Thank you for your continued support and completing home learning tasks. Please share anything they do at home on Tapestry, we would love to see.  


WB Monday 28th February 


Welcome, welcome, welcome back. We hope you have all had a safe and happy half term. It has been great to have the children back excited to learn. 


This week we have been busy busy. Our story this week has been ‘Jack and the Bean Stalk’ we have discussed what we would like to find at the top of the Beanstalk, counted magic beans and been colour mixing to make green creating hand print bean stalks. Not forgetting being busy in our bright and beautiful flower shop ready for spring arriving. 


We have celebrated World Book Day. It has been fantastic to see all the children dressed up in fantastic costumes. Our key text for this day was ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’ by Sarah Roberts following our whole school focus of looking at how we can care for the world. The children were fantastic at understanding the importance of recycling, and looking after our sea creatures to keep them safe. 


Finally we celebrated Spanish day, looking at where Spain is in the world, how it’s different to where we live. We tried some Spanish food and had fun dancing Flamenco, Spanish dance. 


Take a look at the fun we’ve had this week while learning.