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Spring 1

~ Week 5~



This week we been week we have been learning all about bees, their role in the world and how they pollinate flowers. We have also had an exciting week celebrating pancake day and valentines day. 


We have been brilliant friends this week, and have celebrated by hanging how we have been kind on our kindness tree and celebrated proud and kind moments each day with our 'I've made a difference' certificates. Watch out for your child bringing one home and celebrating this. 


Thank you to all of the parents have been working with us and trying hard to improve their child's attendance at school. It makes such a difference to your child's learning and education when they are in school. Watch out for our attendance certificates  going home. 


In maths we have been working on our doubling skills, we are so proud of how well our pupils are doing. Keep supporting them at home with their mathematic skills, top marks maths is a brilliant resources for home learning. 


Have a great half term and we will see you on Monday 26th February. That week we are visiting Scotswood Garden on Thursday 29th February. 


~ Week 4~



This week we been week we have celebrated Chinese New Year, learning from our peers about how they celebrate Chinese New Year in their family and trying some traditional Chinese food. We have also studied Internet Safety day, learning about the importance to stay safe online and how to stay safe.  Next week we look forward to Celebrating Valentines Day and Pancake day. 

Please see link below to support you keeping your child safe online. 


This week we have continued to study our text the 'Tadpole's Promise' where he children showed brilliant understanding of the text using some of the new vocabulary in our play.  


We hope this weekend you could continue to support your child's learning, and maybe visit China town and see the wonderful celebrations taking place for Chinese New Year. 



~ Week 3 ~



We have had so much fun this week, particularly in Maths where we have been enjoying lots of practical activities to help us understand addition within 10. We played games with counters and numicon to help us. 


We have been learning all about the life cycle of a frog, acting this out, drawing and ordering the life cycle. Ask your child some questions about what an amphibian is. 


We enjoyed listening to our new class story 'Tadpoles Promise, learning all about the changes caterpillars and tadpoles go through and discussing what a promise is and how the character feels throughout the story. 

~ Week 2~



This week we have studying the text 'Bella loves Bugs' during topic, where we identified that Bella has a passion for bugs. We have been learning all about entomologists and their role in society becoming mini beast enotomologists ourselves, looking at mini beasts, observing and drawing them. 


We have been fantastic mathematicians this week focusing on measuring objects using non-standard measurements, using blocks to measure different items and compare them. 


We are so please we have settled into our new phonics groups where we are off to a flying start to year, developing our writing and reading skills. Thank you to all those parents who have returned homework folders. 


Not forgetting having fun exploring the snow and changes to the weather outside.

We hope you have all had a fantastic week. 



~ Week 1~



WOW - what a brilliant start to the half term! We are delighted with how well our star children have settled back into school and eager to learn.


This week we have been focusing on our key text ‘The Bug Collector’ Alex G Griffiths. We have been predicting what the story could be about, unpicking and understanding key language in the text – becoming performers acting out key language and captions playing charades. The children were fantastic at this.


We are blown away with our pupils’ persistence and engagement in math’s using a range of manipulatives to count beyond 10. We have even been beginning to counting out objects and matching numbers to 20 – WOW! Please continue to support your child in fun ways at home with this skill.


We have been out and about exploring our environment, being bug hunters ourselves looking for minibeasts and observe bugs in their natural environments. We have made observations on the way they move, where they live and what they eat and completed fantastic observational drawing using pastels. We definitely have some future artists in our class.


We look forward to delving into our topic again next week.


~ Welcome Back! ~


We would like to welcome back our families and children to reception. We hope you have had a lovely Christmas spending time with family and friends and a brilliant start to the new year. We are excited to hear all about the fun had.


We are so delighted with how well our reception children have settled back into school after the break. They have been engaged, excited and read to learn.


We have an exciting half term ahead with our topic ‘Come outside’ where we will become explorers of the outdoor environment.  We will begin to look at our local environment by exploring the words around us. We begin this term by reading ‘The Bug Collector’ Alex G Griffiths, where we will follow the characters George and his Grandad as they go on an adventure to lean about mini beasts in their natural environment. Please see below some home learning tasks liked to our topic.


Home Learning Tasks



Key Information:

Homework folders will be sent out on a Friday and to be returned on a Thursday please.