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Spring 1

Friday 18th February 2022


Well what an amazing half term we have had in Year 2. We have worked really hard and learned a lot about Knights and Castles through our text Sir Scallywag and the Deadly Dragon Poo.

Our trip to Newcastle Castle Keep was brilliant if not a bit cold on Tuesday this week. We took part in knight school- this involved serving our knight, training with swords and shields and learning Medieval dance steps!

Take a look at our pictures below to see what fun we had.



Our trip to Newcastle Castle

Friday 11th February 2022


We have had another great week learning about Knights and Castles and are very excited for our trip on Tuesday 15th February to Newcastle Castle Keep. 

We have worked hard in Maths dividing groups into 2's, 5's and 10's. We have looked at some problem solving too. 

In science we have been researching the plants and animals that live in different regions of the world using printed information and our ipads. Look at some of our work below.

Habitats around the world

This week has also been Mental Health Week. We have talked in class about what makes us feel good and ways of strengthening our mental health. 

We find meditating on an afternoon and listening to Jamie from Cosmic kids helps us regulate our mood. 

Click on the link below if you would like to feel calm and ready to take on your next challenge of the day!

Friday 4th February 2022


This week we have continued our learning outside in science. We looked at microhabitats and went on a minibeast search. We found spiders, millipedes, worms, beetles and ants hiding under leaves and logs. We thought some of the reasons we couldn't find any others was because it was cold, the ground was dry and we were a bit noisy!


We also discussed ways of supporting our mental wellbeing in preparation for Mental Health week next week. We talked about things we do to make ourselves feel good and when we ask someone if they are ok and from now on that we will ask twice just to make sure we give everyone a proper chance to say how they are really feeling. Here we are drawing some of the things that make us feel good about ourselves.

We drew ourselves taking part in activities that made us feel good to strengthen our mental wellbeing.


This week in year 2 we have enjoyed our science lesson. We have been identifying things that are living, dead or have never been alive in the first place. We explored outside to see what we could find then decided which category they would fit into. 

Can you deicide if our pictures show something that is alive, dead or has never been alive?

Alive, dead or never been alive?

We were also lucky to have a visit from Mel at NUSTEM. We looked back at our work on materials from the Autumn Term and investigated whether materials were heavy or light, magnetic and if they conducted electricity. We had great fun and made some accurate predictions.

Experimenting with materials



This week has been much warmer in school and we have got back into our usual routines. We have continued learning about money in maths and in science we learned how to tell if something was living, dead or has never been alive. Do you know how to look for characteristics of living things?

We have now read our new Literature Works text for this half term for the first time and we...….......................loved it!!

It is about a King and Queen with a huge sweet machine and a greedy Baron who attacks their castle with stinky dragon poo from his pets. Ask your children what happens next and talk about why they liked the story.



Welcome back!!!


Well what a week that was!!

It was like doing the Hokey Kokey - "in out in out shake it all about!"


We finally made it back and it was lovely to see all of you who made it in.  We hope that those who weren't in are not too poorly.


We hope you were impressed with the amazing fire truck cushions the children brought home today that they sewed at the end of the Autumn term. 



In maths this week we have been looking at money- the different coins and notes that we use.


We have been making different amounts and discussing why we use notes instead of lots of coins.



Guided Reading


We are starting a new book, but ssshhhh! we haven't read it yet. There is a dragon and a big fight!! 





Science is all about living things and their habitats this half term.