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Spring 1



We just love Science in year 2.  We have been looking into habitats around school and we went into The Wood to look for the different habitats that animals need. 

The Woods


We have been learing about arrays, using counters to show how multiplication works. 



This week in year 2 we have enjoyed our science lesson. We have been identifying things that are living, dead or have never been alive in the first place. We explored outside to see what we could find then decided which category they would fit into. 

Can you deicide if our pictures show something that is alive, dead or has never been alive?

We had Mel from NUSTEM in today and we investigated materials. We checked if they were magnetic, conducted electricity and how heavy they were. 



This week has been much warmer in school and we have got back into our usual routines. We have continued learning about money in maths and in science we learned how to tell if something was living, dead or has never been alive. There are 7 ways to check if something is alive or not- do you know what they are?

We have now read our new Literature Works text for this half term for the first time and we thought it was hilarious!!

It is about a King and Queen with a huge sweet machine and a greedy Baron who attacks their castle with stinky dragon poo from his pets. Ask your children what happens next and talk about why they liked the story.


Welcome back!!!


Well what a week that was!!

It was like doing the Hokey Kokey - "in out in out shake it all about!"


We finally made it back and it was lovely to see all of you who made it in.  We hope that those who weren't in are not too poorly.


We hope you were impressed witht he amazing fire truck cushions the children brought home today, that they sewed at the end of the Autumn term. 


In maths this week we have been looking at money.  

The different coins and notes that we use.


We have been making different amounts and discussing why we use notes instead of lots of coins.



Guided Reading


We are starting a new book, but ssshhhh! we haven't read it yet, but there is a dragon and a big fight!! 





Science is all about living things and their habitats.