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Spring 1

Friday 11th February

We've had a fantastic afternoon designing our Antarctica habitats using shoeboxes and we will be taking them home next week!

Thursday 3rd February

Today, we had a visitor in from Northumbria University and they taught us all about the job role of a Glaciologist in Antarctica.  We learnt about what equipment and clothing they had to take. We talked about rising sea levels and got a chance to melt a large block of ice using red food colouring.


We wondered if you could try a similar experiment at home if you followed the instructions in the link below.




Friday 28th January

We've had such a fun (and messy!) afternoon making penguins out of clay. We can't wait to paint them next week!

Wednesday 19th January

What another wonderful week we have had! We begun by exploring some of the equipment scientists need to do research on the continent of Antarctica.  Some of us even dressed up and took on the role of a real scientist, others created a list of things a scientist would need.


In reading we have continued to enjoy the book Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.  We have begun answering questions about the images and thinking about what would happen before, during and after each event.  We had great fun. 


Finally, we are working hard to remember our number bonds to 10. You can use the videos below to practice.

Thursday 13th January

Today, we had a visitor in our school from Northumbria University and they were teaching us all about the job role of a Material Scientist. We had lots of fun exploring and experimenting with different materials.  We had to investigate how heavy and light they were, if they were magnetic and whether or not the materials conducted electricity. We had lots of fun!



The Materials Scientist Workshop

Thursday 6th January


Happy New Year to you all!


This term, we are learning all about Antarctica. In Art lessons, we will be making a shoe box habitat of Antarctica and the learning all about Antarctica's physical landscape in Geography lessons.


Our new class text is Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers which follows the story of a boy and a lonely penguin. We have even made our very own lost and found office in our role play area. 

If you would like to listen to the story please click on the link below.