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Spring 1

Week Beginning 31st January

Number day.

The children went on a number hunt today as part of the NSPCC Number day!! The children all started with an animal number card which had escaped from the zoo and we used our skills to search for our numbers. We looked high, low and all around and finally found all of the numbers hiding in Pre-school garden. We then looked at our number of the week which was 1. We looked at ones in different formats, made one with different objects and watched Number blocks, number 1! The children also decorated large numbers with glue, paint and colouring in. Mrs Bays even had her number dress on and the children were able to identify the numbers on my dress.


We found a large box this week which some of the children used to build a rocket and then they shared the box and every took turns seeing if they could fit inside it. We found 2 children can fit in together. The children waited patiently for their turn singing as they did.


During free play, our children love to play in our role play shop this week. We have everything you could need and the shop keepers are very helpful. We talked about paying for our shopping and the children used the till to take payment. We even have a cake shop too.


We explored our outdoor area this week and created different den spaces which we built using various stands and tarpaulin. We also had a tent which we made lovely and comfortable and shared stories together. The children all squashed in the tent together and hid from Karen too.

Week Beginning 24th January.


This week in pre-school the children had to follow instructions to help Emma make playdough. We talked about the ingredients and used our large motor skills to mix the ingredients together into the large bowl. The children used cups to measure out the amount of each ingredient needed and added it. They followed the instructions very well and observed how the mixture changed. They then used the playdough to make lots of creations which they displayed proudly. The children are very good at using their ideas to create simple models to represent their thinking. The children are very creative in Pre-school and love to make lots of creations. The children have also used their fine motor skills to manipulate the playdough in various ways.


The children enjoy dancing and moving in different ways. We have danced to various songs where we have to follow instructions and we played with balloons, working as a team to ensure the balloons didn’t touch the floor. They were good at encouraging each other to do this.


The children had some toy hoovers delivered to pre-school this week and they loved playing with them. We talked about what the hoover did and I showed the children Tracey the cleaners hoover. Some children took it in turns to hoover up our carpet. They did a great job making sure they got all of the small pieces.


Week beginning 17th January 2022


The children have had a lovely week this week. 

We have been using lots of books and talking about the characters in the story and what happens in the story. 

We have also been counting different things in maths this week, counting animals, counting our friends and counting our toys. They are very good at counting in Pre-school. 


Angela brought the soft play cushions out of the cupboard today too for our outdoor play. The children worked together to create an obstacle course and then moved across it in different ways including jumping and balancing. They all waited their turn and shard the course with their friends. 


Some of our children have been looking at the letters which make up their name and have started to make marks which represent their name. We looked at the shapes of the letters and then built our name using magnetic letters. When you are out and about with your children, see if they can find letters from their name. 


The children have been using junk modelling this week too following our story of 'The Way back Home'. The children used their own ideas to decide how they wanted to decorate their rocket. 


Mrs Bays 

Week beginning 10th January 2022. 


This week has been a week of building friendships and caring for each other. 


During our circle time, the children and staff share how they are feeling. It is important to allow the children's emotions to be validated and know its ok not to be happy all of the time.  I was a bit sad with a sore eye this week and the children made me happy by sharing their toys with me and sharing stories with me. We always look after each other in Pre-school. 


We had a lovely donation of some dolls this week and we have been learning how to care for them. The children have spent time making food for their babies, bathing their babies and changing their clothes including their nappies. All of the children have enjoyed doing this! we will be extended this next week too as they enjoyed it so much. 


During our indoor and outdoor play, the children have accessed lots of building resources and used them in a variety of ways. We have built tall towers, tall cushion towers, houses, robots and more. They were using language to describe our creations such as long, short, tall, big and small. We also measured different people against some of the towers to see if they were taller or shorter. I was taller then the towers. One child built a tower of cushions and kept adding one more. He kept sitting on it before adding the next cushion until it was too big that it fell down when he sat on it.

Week beginning 4th January 2022


Welcome back Pre-school!


This week has only been a short week but we have been very busy here in Pre-school. 

We have been working together to help each other and sharing with our friends. 


We spent time identifying different types of transport this week and sorting them into groups. We then acted out the sounds and movements of the different transport. 


The children decided they would like to do some junk modelling and painting on Friday and some of our children made robots. They were sharing the pots of paint and mixing the colours to make new colours. 


We have also been using our fine motor skills to use the scissors after Mrs Bays found some new scissors which cut our paper in different ways. 


This week we have also been looking at our names. We have used post it notes to write letters from our name and make marks for our name. Some of the children also used magnetic letters to identify letters in their names. 


The children all enjoy the Freeze song which we like to do to warm our bodies up. The children are very good at following the instructions to move in different ways. 


Some explorer hats arrived in Pre-school this week and some children decided to go on a bear hunt. We put on our hats and recalled the different parts of the story. The children were very brave when they found a bear in the cave. Some thought he was angry, sad and scary. We invited him to Pre-school to be our friend.