Byker Primary School

Spring 1


W/B: Monday 14th February 2022


This week we have continued our exciting story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. The children have been performing this story, acting it out in our theatre and small world, using puppets and resources available to them. It has been truly fantastic. The children have also created their own fantastic story wheels, where they have retold the story through their own illustrations. 


This week we have also celebrated Valentine's Day, sharing why it is important to care for our friends and family every day and to do kind gestures to make us and other people happy. 


This week our number of the week has been 5. We have practiced writing it and representing it in lots of ways. Why don't you practice counting things at home or watch number 5 Numberblocks: -


This week your child will have come home with their very own copy of 'The Three Little Pigs' by Susanna Davidson, this has been our Literature works key text, which your child can keep at home and share with you. 


We would like to thank you for all your support and hard work this half term. We hope you have a fantastic break and we will see you on Monday 28th February Bear cubs and Wednesday 2nd March Tiger Cubs.


Key information


We will be returning to school on Monday 28th February 


On Wednesday 2nd March we will be having a spanish day learning all about Spain. 


On Tuesday 1st March Bear Cubs will celebrate World Book Day. On Thursday 3rd March Tiger Cubs will be celebrating World Book Day. Your child can come dressed as their favourite character from a story. Our whole school focus for World Book Day will be about how we can care for our planet.

W/B: Monday 7th February


We have had a splendid week in Nursery reading our story of the week 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. The children have thoroughly enjoyed re-enacting the fairytale using finger puppets and wooden spoon puppets in our theatre, playing troll chase on the yard and making trolls out of playdough. The children made 'Wanted' posters for the troll and as a class they decided that actually the troll just needed a friend and some picnic food so together we created an alternative ending to the story using a story map. What wonderful imaginations they have!


We have been studying the work of an artist called Claude Monet and his artwork of bridges and made some of our own interpretations on his artwork on bridges too. We explored some famous bridges and even looked at bridges in Newcastle. 


Some of our children have been challenging their imaginations by thinking carefully about something that they would like to make, they have planned their ideas, gathered their resources, made their models and then presented them to the class. They have been superstars at explaining what they have made, how they made it and why they chose to make it. 


Another highlight of our week has been our visit from Megan from Seven Stories who has been reading exciting books to us and engaging us in fun activities. We have been so good at using our listening ears during story time. 


We are so pleased that the children have been enjoying their homework activities and sharing their storybooks with you at home. We hope that you continue to enjoy this special time together. 


We are continuing to learn about 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' next week for our final week of this term. We will also be celebrating Valentine's Day and taking part in some Valentine crafts. We can't wait to have more fun! 

W/B: Monday 31st January 2022


This week has been a week full of celebrations. 

But first, we would like to thank you all for supporting your child with their home learning and returning their books! Some of the effort and work that has been produced has been amazing such as making   houses out of pasta and biscuits! Thank you for supporting your child’s learning. We have also celebrated our first week of breakfast bagels at school. Your child has loved starting their day off with a full tummy ready to have fun and learn! 


As it was Chinese New Year on Tuesday 1st February we had to     celebrate this!! We went on an adventure looking at the world using Google maps to look at where we live compared to China and why they celebrate Chinese New Year and how! We then celebrated by  creating our own dragon dance and making lanterns. 


This week we have been delved into the book ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ even further. Solving the crime of who broke into our home corner, investigating by measuring items and not forgetting  making delicious porridge and tallying who liked it and who didn’t like it! We hope you enjoy making this with your child at home as their home learning task. See if they can remember the steps and tell you! 


To complete our fantastic week we started our first story session with seven stories! The children loved this and were hooked on the story and they can’t wait for more weeks of book filled fun!


W/B: Monday 24th January 2022

This week the children went on a exciting story trail around the yard to reveal clues about what our Traditional Tale was this week. They were so excited when they realised the bowl, the chairs, the beds and the bears that had been left for us was from ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. They have been hooked on the story, making wanted posters for Goldilocks, getting messy with gloopy porridge and acting out the story in the theatre.


This week the children have been ecstatic about receiving their very own homework book and story to share at home. We are blown away by the efforts that have been put into their homework task and have shared their achievements with the other children and Head Teacher. Well done to all the boys and girls, keep up the good work. We are so excited to see the fantastic work produced next week.



We have a very exciting opportunity to work with Seven Stories. Megan from Sevan Stories is an expert story teller and will be coming into Nursery for 5 weeks on a Wednesday afternoon to work with small groups of children. She will initially work with our Tiger Cubs, hooking them into stories getting lost in a book with active, fun story telling. Our Bear Cubs will be getting the fantastic opportunity from the 10th March every Wednesday for 5 weeks. We are so excited for this.


W/B: Monday 17th January 2022


We have had another wonderful week in Nursery continuing our learning all about traditional tales, with a focus on ‘The Three Little Pigs’.

In particular, our Nursery children have loved re-enacting the story in our new puppet theatre. They have used their recall facts to remember key phrases from the story and retold it in their own words. Furthermore, they made their very own straw, stick and brick houses on the creative table and even designed a house that they believe the wolf will never blow down!

We also put our hard hats on and using plastic house bricks, we worked together as a team and built tall houses, wide houses and tiny houses too.

We have been learning all about the number 2 by looking at the way the number 2 is formed, how to identify number 2 in different ways using objects and how to represent number 2 by making marks. Maybe next time you are out on a walk, you could spy the number 2 on cars, bus stops, speed signs or house doors. Click on the following link to watch the number 2 Numberblocks song:

Next week we will be reading a new traditional tale all about three bears and a little girl with golden hair. We can’t wait.


News: Over the next week, your child will be bringing home a reading book to share with you and a fun activity to complete linked with our learning in class. Please return these by the date given on the folder. We hope that you have fun at home together. 

W/B: Tuesday 10th January 2022


What a lot of fun has been had in Nursery this week. This next term we are   focusing on ‘Traditional Tales’ as our key stories. Our first traditional tale is ‘The Three Little Pigs’. There have been lots of fun activities to complete and take part in this week. The children have been rhyming and listening carefully to sounds to see if they can hear the rhyming words. They have been building the Three Little Pigs houses using bricks and blue foam to cement them together. They have been making their own Pig Plates in the creative area and focusing on the number 1 in the Maths area. Not only that, they have been conducting their own Science experiments! They built houses out of straw, sticks and Lego and poured water over to decipher which would be the strongest material to withstand rain. The children made their predictions and carried out the experiment to see what the final result would be. The ‘Three Little Pigs’ will be continued next week so watch this space for more learning and fun!



A quick reminder to make sure you apply for your child’s Reception place. The deadline is Saturday 15th January 2022. Please follow the link below:-




W/B: Tuesday 4th January 2022


We would like to wish a warm welcome back and a very Happy New Year to our lovely nursery pupils and families after what we hope was a joyous and fun filled Christmas holiday. We have loved listening to all your children’s stories about what they have been up to whilst not at school.

         Despite this week getting off to a funny start due to boiler issues, which are luckily now fixed, we have enjoyed a range of fun activities within nursery. We have been matching animals to their correct colour and counting how many animals were in each category, some of the children even counted to 10 and beyond which is amazing. The children have also been writing their own New Years resolutions, discussing what they would like to get better at in 2022. This has ranged from becoming better at drawing to working on their jumping skills. We are very impressed with the children’s determination to complete their resolutions as they have been practicing already! The children have also been practicing their listening skills this week and have enjoyed a game of ‘Simon said’ and followed instructions on a new video called ‘Penguins Attention’ in which they moved their bodies along with the penguins.

        We have loved having your children back in Nursery and we can’t wait do lot’s of fun and learning with them over the coming weeks.



A quick reminder to make sure your child is supplied with spare clothes, shoes and to ensure all their belongings are correctly labelled with your child’s name.