Byker Primary School


Special Educational Needs and Disability Provision

At Byker Primary School we have high expectations of all children. We endeavour to create an atmosphere where every child can work to the best of their ability, and we strive to ensure that children with special educational needs are able to fulfil their true potential.

As parents, we are aware that you know your children best and therefore we encourage a close working partnership so that you and your children have a happy and productive journey throughout their time in our school.


Our latest Outstanding- in- all-areas Ofsted stated that “Pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities achieve well and make exceptional progress. This is because pupils receive high levels of additional and bespoke support to ensure that their basic skills and personal development needs are well met. It is the case that the longer the pupils remain at the school, the stronger their progress becomes.” Personal development, behaviour and welfare were also outstanding, which recognises the value we place on children not only reaching their full academic potential, but becoming well rounded, respectful, caring and confident individuals.


In order to achieve these high expectations of all our children, we have a range of experienced and dedicated staff to support the children. In addition to our SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator), we have a number of SENTA’s (Support assistants for children with SEN), a PSA (Parent Support Advisor) and an Attendance officer. We also employ our own school counsellor, Speech and Language Therapist and buy in an increased amount of time with our allocated Educational Psychologist. We work closely with a range of specialist agencies who assess, advise and monitor the children to ensure our support is appropriate to best meet the needs of the children.


You will find information below on how we support a range of additional needs in school, as well as examples of focused interventions for those with more specific types of SEN. The provision we offer is regularly monitored and reviewed depending on our children's needs and the development of new types of interventions. We also welcome the fact that every child is unique and may therefore need more individualised support


If you would like further information about the support that Byker Primary can offer, then please contact:


Mrs Nicola Cook (SENCO) on:

 0191 2656906

For further support: 


Newcastle Families Information Service provides a guide to local organisations, childcare and events:


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