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Good morning everyone!


Please find below new useful science links and activities for w.c. 29.06.2020. 

Remote science lessons and resources for Key Stage 1 and 2 

NUSTEM activity 

NUSTEM activity


Mrs Smith




Good afternoon to everyone! 


I hope you're all well and keeping safe during this ever changing time.


I must apologise that I've been unable to add new science activities to the star for a little while.  I am back now, and below you will find exciting experiments for you to enjoy.  


All experiments are easy to follow and designed with children from Playgroup age to Year 6 in mind.  Older children will be able to carry out these with more independence, and younger children will just need a little support.  If you are an older brother or sister, now is the time to shine and be the teacher!  Easy step by step instructions, videos and resource lists (which should be things you can find around your home) are included within each activity.


Have fun with these, and keep looking each week for new additions to the list.


Mrs Smith.

Hi everyone!


It's been over 40 days since we were all last at school, and it's really strange not seeing you around and about.   I hope you're all keeping busy, staying safe and well, and making the most of spending time at home with your families. 


Most of you know that I love science ...  remember Science Week and all of the fantastic activities you did in class?  I know from what your teachers have shared, that you are inquisitive, creative and enthusiastic scientists, and hope you enjoy carrying out some of the activities at the bottom of this page. 


Click on the displayed links, or copy and paste these into your web browser.  The links will take you to the NUSTEM website.  Here you will find your chosen activity, with step by step instructions and a list of any resources you may need.  Some activities also have stories, videos and further investigations for you to enjoy.   All ideas have been created by Northumbria University STEM, who work with our school and know us very well.  Activities are fun, simple and accessible for all children, from Play Group to Year 6 ... though some of our younger scientist may need a little help! 


Whilst we are on lockdown, NUSTEM have said they will continue to support science in our school and should be sending new activities for us to try each week.  So unless we run into any difficulties, keep checking the Science Star each week for new content. 


Some of you may remember my little girl Amy, who used to come to our Nursery.  She's in Year 3 now, and has been enjoying trying these out with me, and I know you'll enjoy them too.  I know lots of you have also been uploading your work for everyone to enjoy, and it would be great to see some science there too.  Please feel free to share any of your achievements, we would all love to see them! 


Happy experimenting and keep safe.


Mrs Smith. smiley