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Welcome to our library page!

We have so many stories, book recommendations and messages from authors for you that you’ll be able to stay here and be entertained all day long!

We even have our own page called Byker Books on Facebook! 


Byker Books Newsletters

Our termly reading round-up.

Reading gives you wings!

These wings were made by copying the covers of all the books we’ve read in class from preschool right up to year 6. We then drew around our hands and cut out the shape to make ‘feathers’.

They look really colourful and we love to have our photograph taken wearing our reading wings! 


Looking for a book recommendation?

You’re in the right place! We have some book reviews from our pupil reading ambassadors as well as from our fantastic parent reviewers.
You could also take a look at the fabulous picture guides in the slideshow below- they’ll have you ‘branching out’ in no time!


Our audio reviews: 

Freddy’s review.mp3

Lucy’s review.mp3

Parham’s Review.mp3

Anastasia’s Review.mp3

Layton’s review.mp3

Miley’s Review.mp3

Nathan’s Review.mp3

Cavan’s Review.mp3

Mohammed’s Review.mp3

Amelia’s review.mp3

Pippa’s Review.mp3

Madina’s Review.mp3

Aniyia’s Review.mp3


Meet our Reading Ambassadors

Each of our year groups have their own reading ambassadors, always ready to chat about books, make recommendations and advise. 
You’ll recognise them by their lanyards that say ‘Ask me about books!’

Current Ambassadors:

Y1 Pippa


Y3: Anderle, Freddy and Marshall

Y4: Miley and Kimia

Y5: Nathan and Parham

Reading ambassadors
Book Ambassadors with Lanyards

Ambassadors Investigate!

Are year three too old for picture books?

Our Year 3 Reading Ambassadors have noticed that children in their classes have stopped choosing picture books.
Are Year 3 children too old for picture books? 
Marshall, Anderle and Freddy came to the library to do some research of their own. 
This is what they found.

Are Year 3’s too old for picture books? .mp4

Still image for this video


Do encyclopaedias belong in a modern school library?

Kimia of year 4 wondered why we had encyclopaedias in the library when we could just search for facts online. He decided to take home an encyclopaedia and do some investigations. 

Do encyclopaedias belong in a modern school library?.MP4

Still image for this video


Refugee Week - News Report

Layton interviewed Mohammed to find out if My Name is Not Refugee by Kate Milner struck a chord for him as a refugee from Iraq. 

Refugee Week Interview.mp4

Still image for this video

Fairy Tales with Michael Rosen and The British Library

Luke, Dylan, Sarah and Layla came to the library to ‘cook up a fairytale’.  We read some traditions and talked about the ingredients we’d need to make our own!

The Tale of the Elemental Kingdom - Luke and Dylan

Still image for this video

Snow White, Cinderella and the Evil Dwarves- Sarah and Layla

Still image for this video

Try branching out from your usual choices! Use these pictures to help you choose a book to read. 


The Library in Action!

Children across school love to visit our gorgeous library. We have a number of sessions to take part in including ‘ it’s a knockout Book Battles’, book talk sessions called ‘Chatterbooks’, Book Buddy mentor meetings, Reading Ambassadors meetings,  story time sessions and of course time for quiet reading. 

🎨Pupil Illustrator. 🎨

Garcia in year 6 has been inspiring us all with her beautiful sketches and drawings. Garcia is a fantastically creative pupil and comes to the library as a ‘pupil illustrator’.  Her love for art really helps to bring alive the books she’s read. 

Well done Garcia.
We’re proud to have you as our first pupil illustrator and look forward to seeing your future work!

Pupil Storytellers

Joe and Maryam in Y4 and Princess and Jasmine in Y5 have been selected as Student Storytellers and here they are! Y4 visited our pre-school children where both Joe and Maryam used fantastic expression to read aloud to and engage the younger students. Pre-school can’t wait for their next story session! Princess and Jasmine are book buddies to Pippa and Megan in Y1 and are enjoying sharing stories, reading aloud to each other and engaging in lots of book chat! 

Reading in pre-school
This time, instead of Joe and Maryam visiting preschool, preschool came to the library! 

Exploring books in other ways 

Pupils enjoy listening to stories and we encourage immersive participation such as dress up, singing and dancing. 
Here are some photographs of this in practice!


Have you seen our ‘favourite books’ display? 
These super shelves will soon be full of recommendations from children all across school. Each book review is written onto a book spine and placed on the shelves for others to read. 
Here is Mohamed Y4 adding his recommendation for The Wizard of Oz by L Frank Baum. 

Y3 have some student librarians in their midst. Frankie, Junior, Muayyad, Chanisla and Lennox came to choose some new books for their classroom reading corner. 


Wow Work

Every half term each of our classes from Nursery up to Year Six have a Literature Works class text to enjoy. This book provides a focus for our English lessons and at the end of half term children take home their own copy of the book allowing them to build up a library of books by the time they leave us. 
Spending quality time with a book really leads to a deep understanding of the text and inspires some outstanding work from our pupils. 
Authors love to hear how their books are being enjoyed by children and we love to share our wow
work with them. Take a look for yourself…


Y3 Music - inspired by Where on Earth? Rainforests! By Susie Brookes

Still image for this video

Y4 Poetry 

inspired by Journey to Jo’Burg by Beverly Naidoo
Y4 poetry inspired by Journey to Jo’Burg by Beverly Naidoo with a message from Beverly

Reception Design Technology 

inspired by Supertato by Sue Hendra


Y5 Art

inspired by The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo


Y4 Writing for effect inspired by Who Let the Gods Out by Maz Evans

Y5 Drama and Play Script Writing inspired by Beverly Naidoo


Y4 Design Technology

inspired by Stitch Head by Guy Bass


Want to hear a story read aloud by the author?

Well now you can-at the click of a button!

This fantastic selection has been put together to celebrate world book day and is the hard work of @thisgeordieteaches on Twitter. 

Once you click the link the stories are organised into 4 different versions, click the book you like from the selection shown and you will be taken to a YouTube link of the reading. 



📒Whole school digital library – something for everyone!

📕Picture book digital library – all sorts of picture books;

📗Younger MG digital library – Year 3-4

📘Older MG digital library – Year 5/6

KS3+ digital library – Year 6 and older children 

Click here to visit the Digital Library


World Book Day

World Book Day is celebrated with gusto at Byker Primary and staff have as much fun as pupils!

For a number of years with the help of our local bookstores we have been able to run a whole-school book shop in our school hall on World Book Day.
This has been successful in allowing all children to look at books and make a choice and to take a new book home on World Book Day.  We’ve also had a ‘book swap’ day with staff, children and the local community donating used books for the pupils to trade. 


We have been supported by our wonderful parents with fundraising activities such as ‘extreme reading’ and ‘challenge Super Mario’ that have allowed us to donate books from our school to the Great North Children’s Hospital in Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary. 

Have a look at our World Book Day photo gallery.


Messages for our school from children’s authors. 

Guy Bass
Guy Bass, author of Stitch Head has heard all about the wonderful reading taking place at our school and he just had to get in touch with a message!

 A message from Guy Bass


Joffre White

This message is from the one and only Joffre White who is a UK Patron of Reading.

You can find his fantastic book Frog, and it’s sequels, in our school library. 

As well as a message via Twitter, Joffre has made us a video sharing his favourite books, I think his favourites match some of ours! Do you agree with his choices?

Watch the video here: on our FB page. 


Stories read by our wonderful staff! 

Lots of our wonderful staff have read aloud for you so you can enjoy stories from us in the comfort of you own home!


Can you find a story from your teacher?

The Gruffalo

Still image for this video
Written by Julia Donaldson and read by Mrs Bradley

My Friend Harry

Still image for this video
Written by Kim Lewis and read by Miss Taylor

O Leão e o Rato / The Lion and The Mouse

Still image for this video
O Leão e o Rato read in Portuguese by Mrs Frade.

The Blue Balloon

Still image for this video
Written by Mick Inkpen and read by Mrs Richards.

Lucy’s in Lockdown

Still image for this video
Written by Chris Duke and read by Mrs Pace.

Sid The Science Kid - The Trouble With Germs

Still image for this video
Written by Jennifer Frantz.

Monkey Puzzle

Still image for this video
Written by Julia Donaldson and read by Mrs Bulford