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Byker Primary School

School Aims and Parent Expectations

What we want for our pupils at Byker Primary School:

 • Our pupils to be in school and learning every day.

 • Our whole school attendance percentage is to be at least 97%.

 • To be given a reason for any pupil absence.

 • Families to take holidays within the school holiday periods.

 • Unauthorised absence to be minimal.

• Our children to arrive on time for school.


Our attendance expectations link directly to those set out by the local authority. Attendance ‘zones’ have been set to help us to consistently reward good attendance and manage attendance which needs improvement.

They are:

Green Zone – Above 97%

Amber Zone – 92% - 96.9%

Red Zone – Below 92%


Why is Attendance Important?

Your child’s education is very important. Regular school attendance will help them fulfil their potential and ensure they have a brighter future. Going to school every day will help your child learn, develop and achieve. It will build confidence, friendship and ambition. The more your child is in school the more likely they are to succeed at exams and at life.


Going to school every day means:

  • Having lots of fun
  • Making friends
  • Taking part in activities
  • Learning through play
  • Building lasting relationships
  • Better exam results and better learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom

Did you know…?

90% attendance means that your child misses on average:

 • One half day every week

• Nearly four weeks every school year

• Over one school year in a school career