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Residential Experiences


At Byker Primary School we think it is important to work beyond the classroom. We plan experiences so that our pupils can develop themselves and new skills alongside others within a different environment. Often this requires an overnight stay and travel to a key location.  We plan to offer every pupil in key stage 2 the opportunity to undertake such experiences. We aim to keep costs to a minimum with school staff working alongside external providers. All visits are subsidised by school funds and we offer payment plans to assist.

Year 4- Robin Wood


Robin Wood offer wonderful opportunities for children to achieve fantastic things. There 3 day, 2 night residential course for the 7-11 year old age groups typically packs in 15 exciting activities providing the right balance by offering activities that will challenge, develop teamwork and stimulate the imagination.

They are frequently told that one of the best things for teachers at Robinwood is seeing children learning and working together in a different environment. This will often result in a few surprises, with some children who are quieter in the classroom succeeding well beyond what had been expected.

Robin Wood achieve all this through our amazing staff team. Each activity group has a Robinwood group leader who looks after the children throughout their 3 day course, running activity sessions and ensuring everyone achieves great things, whilst at the same time having brilliant fun.

Everything they do at Robinwood is designed to make a really positive difference in the development of each child that attends. It’s why we go to work at Robinwood and we are passionate about it.

Year 5- High Borrans


The High Borrans experience is like no other. It is founded on experiential learning through adventure.

An unusual and exciting experience, a daring enterprise involving risk and uncertainty of outcome
Knowledge, skill or feelings resulting from actual observation of, or practical acquaintance with facts or events.
Become aware, acquire or develop a particular ability or skill, commit to memory, inform future behaviour. 
We value clear course objectives with high expectations which allow space for spontaneity, creativity and ownership by the young people. 
The learning environment is multi-sensory, full of contrasts and surprises. There are new freedoms, and yet new rules - everyone arrives with a 'clean slate', to be themselves or indeed discover a new 'self'. There is activity but there is also non-activity: room for just being; taking it all in and making sense of the experiences. 
  • We plan for enjoyment on a personal level and through sharing experiences with others, to build confidence by taking on challenges in a supportive environment so that self-esteem can be earned.
  • We plan for the appreciation of the contributions and achievements of self and of others, for independence and interdependence, using core skills of communication, problem solving, leadership and teamwork. 
  • We plan for all round health and fitness through physical activity, contact with the natural world and healthy eating; through skills including physical movement, use of specialist equipment and clothing, and challenging environments.
  • We plan to recognise and acknowledge the informal learning that takes place whilst living away from home and family (perhaps for the first time), and participating in the High Borrans community.

Year 6- Chateau Du Baffy- France


The Château du Baffy is set in its own grounds within a small hamlet called Colombiers-sur-Seulles, just 15 minutes from popular Bayeux and the D-Day Landing Beaches. The Château du Baffy sleeps 116 across two buildings situated adjacent to each other, the main Château du Baffy building plus the Villa Mathilde.

Facilities include an outside games court and an inside sports hall, a cinema/games room, 2 dining rooms, sun terraces, teachers' lounge, all en-suite bedrooms. Meals are full board by our in-house French chef Thierry and team