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Friends Of Byker Primary


As a school we don't have a formal Parent and Teachers association.  We do however, have a supportive and generous community of friends who are pupils, staff, parents and local businesses and residents. We call this group of people the Friends of Byker Primary.


Friends of Byker Primary have helped to make many of our fantastic funfairs, excursions and visiting theatres and performers a reality for our pupils.


Recent fundraising events within school have included a visit from Super Mario, a sponsored extreme read and a number of successful bake sales.


As well as raising money for school funds we encourage our pupils to have an awareness of the world around them and to recognise the charitable works and efforts of the communities and societies outwith our school.


Friends of Byker Primary have raised over £1000 for our local food bank, The Altzeimers Society and Save the Children this year. 


We are also very lucky to have received a generous donation to school funds by worldwide bestselling author LJ Ross.  LJ Ross writes police thrillers set in our area; all her books have been number one on Amazon.  She was so interested in our school vision for an outdoor reading garden that she pledged to meet the cost of the outbuildings needed to make our vision a reality.  We can't wait to get started on the garden!

Some of our fantastic events!