Byker Primary School


Hello everyone!!!smiley  


Well isn't this strange?! teaching PE virtually!surprise

I am aiming to keep your routines as normal as possible & school like possible. 

I have created our very own 'Byker Primary PE' Youtube channel (something you have wanted for a LONG time).to ensure that we keep our health and fitness up!

There are also lot's of other resources out there to assist your Physical Education.

Joe Wicks uploads a workout every day at 9am which is fantastic starting point to your day!

Once you have done that your teachers will be uploading academic work which you can complete at home. 

Lunch time then arrived and then its time for our Byker Primary PE channel!! I'll upload workouts/challenges every day  (ill try and make them easy......NOTwink) at 1pm.

The workouts/challenges requires very little equipment (if any) and is all accessible for you all you can also get very creative!

You are all amazing in P.E and i have no doubts you will continue to be as amazing complete the classroom based homework as well our P.E workout and challenges. 

Remember boys and girls stay healthy, drink lot's of water, complete your other school work and most importantly... have FUN!!!!

Stay safe everyone!

I will update you as much possible via our school website and Youtube channel.


Lots of loveheart


Mr Danquah

Daily PE lessons with Mr Danquah