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School Clubs

Sport, After School and Lunch Time Clubs

At Byker, the personal development of our children is at the heart of all that we do and interwoven with our curriculum goals. Our extra-curricula clubs and experiences are designed to enhance, enrich and extend our curriculum. Through the extra-curricula activities our children will develop new skills and interests that they will be able to build on during the next stages of their education. At the same time, these opportunities support healthy lifestyles and allow our children to develop their social skills, build up confidence and self-esteem and the qualities of our school values. 

Clubs and Opportunities For All 

We want all children to be able to take part in our extra-curricula clubs. We actively encourage those children or groups of children, who are under represented in clubs to take part. Children who are eligible for Free School Meals/Pupil Premium have places funded in clubs and for music lessons and we actively seek to encourage a greater uptake among these children. Please speak to us about clubs you want your child to take part in. 

Sports Clubs

At Byker, we recognise the crucial role played by physical education in the emotional, cognitive, physical and social development of children. Alongside a high quality PE lessons a week delivered by our specialist PE teacher Mr Joe Danquah, school provides a wide range of extra curricular sporting activities. Teachers work alongside Mr Danquah to ensure that new opportunities are created to enhance the breadth of available activities. This provision offers children the chance to further develop their skills, to try new activities and to be physically active. Details of the activities are shared with parents via the Sports notice board and half termly newsletter. School also takes part in a number of competitive leagues and fixtures against other schools. These given children the chance to compete against others and to put their learning into practice in the context of competition.