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Lunch Choice

Our award-winning team provide nutritionally well-balanced meals to schools across Newcastle.  Our menus include different choices each day and always include a vegetarian option.  We also cater for a variety of dietary requirements including needs related to allergens, gluten free and diabetes.

All our menus follow the government guidelines in the School Food Plan.  These standards from the Department for Education ensure that meals are healthy, nutritious and appealing.

All of our meals are prepared fresh daily on site, and most of our ingredients are sourced locally. 

We offer two different three-week menus to primary schools, including Halal options.  Our menus are available by request at the contact details below.

All secondary schools have bespoke menus and they also have an increased range on offer through the day.

Detail on the daily offer at these school is on the individual school websites.

You can contact us to request the information in an accessible format.


We create our menus following the School Food Plan guidelines while also considering what our customers want.  Our catering teams have menus suitable for pupils with allergen or other medical issues.

Allergen information is also available for everything we serve.  This is always available in the kitchens and on request.

We work with nutritionists and our Development Chef to maintain low levels of sugar in our meals and in the drinks offered in our partner schools, while also improving improve amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C in our meals.

We also use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, helping support the local economy and limiting our carbon footprint.

Cost of School Meals September 2022

The costs for our school meals are as follows:

  • £2.10 for Nursery schools
  • £2.20 for Primary schools

Free school meals

All children in reception, year 1 and year 2 at state schools in England automatically receive free school meals.For pupils of other ages, please see our Free School Meals page to see if you are entitled to free school meals and to find out how to apply.

Applying for Free School Meals

All families should fill in this form to apply for free school meals. 

Newcastle Free School Meal Application Form

Special events and theme days

We provide bespoke meals throughout the year to support special events in schools such as religious festivals, special events, theme days and trips out.

These fun events give children the opportunity to experience different foods and tastes from around the world and keep mealtimes interesting.

We welcome your comments and any questions you have about our service.
You can get in touch with us by email at