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All about Byker

Byker is child-centred and nurturing in its approach. The school has a very strong identity, built upon clear values and beliefs such as inclusivity, equality of opportunity, celebration of diversity and family. The greatest advocates of this are the fabulous children themselves showing their individualism through differing talents, skills, interests and ideas about the world.

Discovering your child’s ‘spark’

Growing up, music and dance have always played a huge part in shaping my life. For me a truly holistic curriculum is filled with memorable opportunities to allow children to discover their ‘spark’. At Byker, children get the chance to find out what they are good at and what they enjoy doing. The curriculum emphasises the importance of learning through the arts to achieve this. We are passionate about enabling children to become rounded, confident and happy individuals who will go on to contribute to society with compassion and empathy.

City Links with Cultural partners

Byker is a vibrant two form entry school, right on the edge of the Ouseburn Valley and serves a richly diverse community. We utilise links within the local community to enrich the curriculum and carry out many whole school projects in collaboration with local cultural partners and venues such as The Laing Art Gallery and Great North Museum, Seven Stories, Into University. We have a nature garden with, sensory room, outdoor classroom, edible garden and Thrive Hive.

Quality first (inclusive) teaching

We know one of the biggest drivers in helping children to achieve is quality first teaching. At Byker we provide a rich, varied curriculum that develops a love of learning. We ensure high standards in maths and English and ensure a balance between tightly-structured and creative learning. More than this, our children don’t just leave us with a set of class results, our children are far more than a pass or fail. With a strong sense of our school core values, children develop into young adults ready and equipped to take the next step in their school journey.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Byker supports the Thrive Approach to social and emotional wellbeing. Thrive is embedded across the curriculum and recognises that children’s mental health and well-being are essential pre-requisites to accessing the curriculum and developing emotional resilience. We use ‘Zones of Regulation’ and ‘5 ways to Wellbeing’ to help children understand their feelings and manage them to remain regulated throughout the day.

Byker’s Behaviour Approach

Our behaviour approach is Relational and Restorative, rooted in visible consistency and kindness. We respond to poor behaviour by providing the support children need: consistency, positive reinforcement and restorative practice. By doing this we actively teach better behaviour, rather than handing down, punitive punishments.

Come and see Early Years and beyond!

Early Years is the time for your child to settle into school, make new friends and grow in confidence and independence. Obviously your child’s first year in school will be in the foremost of your mind when making decisions, but remember you’re making a choice for the next seven years of your child’s life in terms of provision and the curriculum they access throughout this journey.

School Awards

The school has been recognised for its wide-ranging curriculum strengths including: Platinum PE and Sports award, School of Sanctuary and Carer Friendly School. We look to venture into Mental Health awards and Inclusion awards next academic year.

Admissions Process

As a Maintained primary school the Local Authority is the schools Admissions Authority and is responsible for determining the school's Admissions Policy. The Governing Body has opted to follow the admissions guidance set out by Newcastle City Council. 

Children are admitted to school in the September of the academic year in which they turn 5. Requests for admissions to Byker Primary School's Reception classes each year are dealt with by the Schools Admissions Department at the Civic Centre in accordance with our Admissions Policy. The policy includes details of how pupils that apply are selected and the 'over-subscription criteria'.

The Newcastle City Council application process opens on 1st September. The National Offer Day for Reception places is 16th April. If you applied online you can log into your application on this day to view and accept your offer. Letters will be sent by second class post to parents and carers who applied by paper. Please remember to accept your offer by the deadline of 2nd May, if you do not respond the offer may be withdrawn. Any places that have become available since offer day will be reallocated on 8th May.