Byker Primary School

Free School Meal Vouchers

Dear Parents/ Carers,

I hope you are all doing okay.
I would like to keep you all informed about the changing advice regarding Free School Meals Vouchers over the Easter holidays, that we have received today.
I am pleased to announce that the government have now decided that they will fund Free School Meals during the Easter holidays. Originally this was not the case and we were preparing vouchers for families entitled to Free School Meals, to start on Monday 20th April (at the end of the holidays). 
This means that we will be able to start our voucher system earlier than expected-from today.
We will be sending meal vouchers to all  families entitled to free school meals that we have been able to contact. We will work as quickly as we can to get these vouchers sent by the end of this week. These vouchers will be back dated to start today (Monday 6th April 2020).
Obviously with nearly 400 vouchers to organise and distribute this can't happen overnight, but we are trying. After Easter we will continue to distribute vouchers in advance for a two week period.
I hope this clarifies the new arrangements for this week's Free School Meals and we will continue to try our best to support families at this difficult time.
Best wishes and take care,
John Newton

John Newton

Head teacher