Byker Primary School

May Half Term

Happy half term everyone! 


Well done, you made it through another virtual half term of online learning. If you did all of the work, WELL DONE! If you did just some of the work, WELL DONE. If you just checked in to read our daily messages, WELL DONE! 

A huge well done to all of you and your amazing efforts, you are all superstars and coping so well with these strange times we are facing. Every day that goes by is another day closer to normality, and that is just what we have to keep reminding ourselves. Stay positive and we will get through this together heart

As a school, we have decided to give you all a well earned break for May half term. This means that we will not be setting any new bits of work for you. Instead, if you REALLY feel like doing something, you could look back at all of the other bits of work we have uploaded, and see if there is something you haven't done yet. 

We would like you to spend this time resting, relaxing, spending quality time with your family, getting outdoors, exercising and just enjoying your holidays as much as you can!


We will be back after half term with some more online work for you. wink


Stay safe, 

Year 3 team heart