Byker Primary School




Today we are focusing on multiples of 10 (numbers that can be found in the 10 x tables). I have made up some work that involved adding, subtracting AND multiplying these types of numbers. Use your knowledge of place value, as well as you excellent understanding of how to make calculations super easy to work out (TIP: Cover the zeros when possible). Finally, there is an 8 x table activity, which links nicely with the times table you focused on yesterday. You will see that the 4s and 8s have a lot in common!


Try your best and only do what you can. Well done to everyone who has done the work so far!


Task 1 - Adding and subtracting multiples of 10


Task 2 - Multiplying multiples of 10 (worksheet 1 and 2)


Task 3 - 8 x tables activity