Byker Primary School


Hi guys,


I hope you have all enjoyed the Easter break and are keeping safe. It’s strange being at home, not seeing you happy, smiling faces every day. I miss you all lots!!

So … I thought it might be nice to begin working on the next ‘Glee Show’ from the comfort of your own homes. We all know singing and dancing around makes us feel happy inside. I have chosen some of my favourite songs and linked them together with a script. This is something ‘Glee Club’ have never tried before, but I know you guys will be up for the challenge!!!!!!!!! You will notice there are lots of small speaking parts. Some of you will be excited by this! Others will choose just to be in the singing and dancing. It’s up to you! No pressure! My daughter keeps asking if she can have a part, but I keep reminding her she doesn’t come to our school.


The plan is to begin learning the songs and script at home. Then, once we are all back together, we can meet on Mondays after school for Glee Club (3 – 4pm) and put it all together. I was wondering if some of you would like to choreograph some of the dances; like you have in the past two performances. You could video your steps and then send a message to Byker Books Face Book page. This way I will be able to see them. Or you can just show me when we are back at school.


Below is a list of you tube video links, which you can sing along to. The first link after each song number has the vocals, but the second is a karaoke/backing track version. These are not the exact versions we will be using in our performance, but they are really useful for you to practice with!


I hope you enjoy singing and dancing along!! Stay safe!

Mrs Barnes