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General Information



The School Day

School Times

  • School start time for Nursery- Year 6 is 8:45am-3:00pm



Children who decide to have a cooked meal will choose from a menu daily. Menus are available to view online via our school website, under the ‘Parents’ tab. Children in years Reception to Year 2 receive a Universal Free School Meal and therefore no payment from parents is required. 

For children in Years 3 to 6 the daily charge for a meal is £2.20, payment is made for these via the school admin team.

If your child does not want a school dinner, they can bring a healthy packed lunch.



Children who are under 5 receive milk free of charge via Cool Milk. Once your child turns 5, you will need to make sure you begin to pay for the milk, as they will no longer receive one for free.   If parents are eligible for free school meals, where parents have applied with Newcastle City Council, school will pay for your child’s milk.  



Children are asked to bring a named plastic water bottle with sports top to keep in the classroom. This must be taken home each night to be cleaned and refilled. Please make sure this is clearly named. 



Please note that if your child has been sent home due to vomiting they must stay at home for 48 hours.  Similarly if your child has vomited at home they must stay at home for 48 hours.  This is essential to ensure that bugs are not transferred to other children. Please report all absences to Attendance and Welfare Officer or Admin team each day of absence by 9:00am.


Administration of Medication

It is school policy not to administer medicines to pupils, other than in exceptional circumstances. 

Medicines should not be sent to school with your child. Courses of medicine, e.g. antibiotics, should be organised so that doses are taken outside of school hours. If you feel your child needs any medication, or they are put onto a new medication through the year, please contact the office for a discussion with our Medical Liaison Officer Mr Watson and admin team to complete relevant forms.


Changes to Collection Arrangements

We understand that things can happen unexpectedly and that you may need to make alternative arrangements for people to collect children at the end of the day. ALL changes to collection must be made via email no later than 2.30pm on the day. The email address is


If you have any questions or concerns about anything mentioned in this information, please feel free to contact school on 01912656906.