Byker Primary School

Easter Holidays

Hello to all our Playgroup Easter Chicks,


We hope you are all well and looking forward to the Easter holidays and maybe even getting a visit from the Easter Bunny. He usually comes to school to see you all but this year he is being very good and not going out unless he has to. We have seen him on his daily exercise walking and hopping up and down the street. We have even seen him washing his hands, what a good bunny he is. We hope you are all still doing this too so we can all help to keep those germs away.


We have created some more fun activities for you to share with your families over half term, we hope you enjoy  trying these out. Don't worry if your parents have other activities for you to do, you can always do these some other time.


We are missing your cheeky faces in school and are missing you all lots.
We hope you all have a fun Easter holiday and don't eat too much chocolate. Ha Ha. 
Lots of love from all of your playgroup staff.