Byker Primary School

Easter Holidays

Happy Easter holidays everyone!!!!


Hope you are well and safe! heart


Right for the next two weeks you have the chance to go over as many workout/challenge videos we have done over the past week! 


How exciting?! It has been so much FUN making the videos for you and hope you like them too! 

Try and beat your scores every day you do a workout/challenge! 


I will also upload daily 60 second challenges that you can do and upload the link in here for you to see! You can also see the link if you follow our school twitter page @BykerPrimary.

After every workout/challenge don't forget to like the video that way i can tell that you have done it and that you have had lots of fun!



Easter holiday days challenges:


Monday 6th April 2020 = Toe Taps challenge

                                           Link :


Tuesday 7th April 2020 = Socks keepy ups challenge



Wednesday 8th April 2020 -= Figure eight challenge

                                               Link :


Thursday 9th April 2020 = Step over challenge 

                                          Link :


Friday 10th April 2020 = Throw, clap, catch challenge 

                                       Link :


Monday 13th April 2020 = Crazy throw challenge 



Tuesday 14th April 2020 = Throw , bounce , catch challenge



Wednesday 15th April 2020 = Bounce touch challenge

                                            Link : 


Thursday 16th April 2020 = Wall bounce challenge




 Friday 17th April 2020 =  Mr Watson v Lewis challenge

                                     Link =



Keep up the great work everyone! We will come back to school very fit and healthy! Looking forward to seeing you all very soon!


Mr Danquahheart