Byker Primary School

Easter Holidays

Hey team! We have created a list of 5/6 fun and optional activities you could try at home over the holidays to keep busy! Have a look and see if there is anything you fancy trying over the next two weeks. Please send some pictures in of anything you have completed - we would be so excited to see them! Enjoy your holiday and stay safe!

Harry Potter Activities

  • Create your own Hogwarts House: What is it called? Who will join? What sort of qualities do pupils in your house have? E.g. kind, determined, crafty. What colour robes do they wear? Could you design the robes? Can you design a badge/emblem for your house? E.g. Griffindor has a picture of a lion, Slytherin a snake)
  • Design a brand-new front cover for the first book.  Who/what could you draw? Think of all of the amazing character and settings (Some ideas for you: Harry Potter and his friends, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Malfoy, the castle, the sorting hat, Diagon Alley, the key room, Devil's Snare, Voldermort). Remember to make the writing clear and bold and the pictures large, eye-catching and if possible colourful to really make someone want to pick it up in the shop and  buy it! Ask your parent/guardian to take a picture and send it to Byker Books - we would LOVE to see this. 

P.E. Task

  • Design a daily fitness circuit with 7 different tasks (plus a water/rest station). This could be inside or in your garden. Remember to organise this so you have different activities to work on different muscles and a range of different cardio moves. Get the whole family involved. I know Mr Danquah would be really excited to watch this!

Art Task

  • Take a portrait picture of  a family member. Can you use the photograph to draw a picture of them? Consider light and different shades/tones you can make with pencils. Can you overlap colours to create new ones?
  • Or make an Spring or Easter card? I will post some ideas down at the bottom of the page! Y


Choose a country that you are either interested in or would like to know more about. Make a poster, leaflet or brochure about this country. Try to include:

  • Where is the country? What part of the world? What continent?

  • The flag - could you draw it?

  • Do you know any celebrities that are from there? What are they famous for?

  • Local food - look at pictures and find some recipes  - Anything you want to try? Anything that sounds unusual?

  • Capital city

  • Are there any famous landmarks?

  • The language they speak - maybe you could even try to learn a few phrases?

  • What sort of animals live there?


  • Write your own rap song about something you are passionate about (a musical artist, a sport, a football team, a TV series, a celebrity - anything!). Can you make it rhyme? Could you perform it to your family or maybe even get them involved too? You could each write/perform a verse!

Treasure Hunt

  • Can you organise a treasure hunt around your house/garden for your family? You could leave questions to answer and little clues that will help them get onto the next question/give them a hint about where it may be hidden. Could you hide a prize at the end? There's lots of ideas on the internet for questions, or you could just make them up - I bet you have LOADS of amazing ideas!