Byker Primary School

Easter Holidays

Happy Easter Year 3! 


You made it! We have reached the holiday and would like you to have a wonderful time taking a break from school work however, just incase you miss us too much we have left some fun activities for you to try below.


Can you draw the other half of James (the main character from our class book) to complete this picture? 


Click on the link to listen to a very famous author, Cressida Cowell, reading the story How To Train Your Dragon! Some of you may have seen the film. It is one of my favourites! 

Keep an eye out for each new chapter...




Is it Easter Sunday yet?


If so then try some of these fun games...

You could play against a family member or in teams.


Egg roll

With an egg or any round object decide upon a start and finish line and push the egg around the course with your elbow. No cheating!


Bunny tails

Using pom poms or bottle lids and sellotape see how many bunny tails you can stick to a family member in a given time.


Egg trail

Place an egg or round object on a spoon and walk around a set out obstacle course. The winner is the first to finish or time yourself and then see if you can beat your time in a second attempt.


Have an eggcellent and eggciting time!