Byker Primary School

Drumming Lessons with Mr Richards

Hello everyone!


I hope you are all staying safe at home and finding lots of activities and work to keep you all busy during this very strange time we're in at the minute. To help keep you all occupied a little bit I will be uploading a variety of videos to help give you a jump start into drumming!


Now, anyone that already does drum lessons with me in school, don't worry, there will be videos coming for you as well with more advanced techniques and lessons over the coming weeks. Until then, feel free to watch the current videos and practice the basics to keep your skills sharp and your rhythm flowing! Never underestimate the value of practicing and experimenting along with your favourite songs to help you.


Stay safe, stay busy and I'll see you all soon!

Mr. Richards.

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Call and Response Challenge

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Combining Quarter Notes and Eighth Notes

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