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At Byker Primary School we pride ourselves on our outstanding curriculum, which helps all children to succeed in their academic and personal development through quality first teaching. Our dedicated team of staff share high expectations for our children to achieve to the best of their abilities, both within the classroom and beyond. We create a love of learning by challenging every child with an ambitious broad and balanced curriculum brought to life by inspiring and innovative teaching and delivered with a passion for teaching and learning. All learners are supported in their journey through school within a happy, stimulating and inclusive environment.


We deliver a progressive skills-based curriculum that helps pupils to acquire knowledge, skills and understanding in line with the statutory requirements set out by the National Curriculum, but also customise our curriculum to capitalise on the experiences and backgrounds of our pupils. The knowledge that children gain from subjects, is revisited and built upon to ensure a progressive learning experience. We place emphasis on the celebration of pupils’ skills and talents and ensure that they see themselves building upon and using them in the future. In addition to this, we provide a rich PE provision that also involves our children attending clubs with specialists and then competing with others in a friendly and good-natured manner. We believe that this inspires teamwork, reliance and dedication. Our commitment is to guide our children to help them become confident, successful learners and reach their potential in a diverse world.


Our highly skilled and determined staff believe that is the fundamental right of each child to receive a good education. They plan their differentiated curriculum content to provide breadth and opportunities for all pupils. We place a great deal of importance upon exposing children to a variety of experiences and making learning 'real' through regular visits, visitors, artefacts and multi-media stimulus to engage pupils' interest and inspire meaningful learning. Our curriculum content is all underpinned by an unwavering commitment to lifting the aspirations and aims of pupils by embedding the fundamental British Values and the development of pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding to enable them to make positive contributions in our rich and varied society.


To ensure inclusion, teachers use a range of strategies in line with the school’s inclusion policy. Independent tasks, as well as teaching, are also well-adapted to ensure full accessibility, as well as to provide appropriate challenge to different groups of learners. The school makes full use of additional adults who are deployed effectively to ensure that identified children are able to make progress in each curriculum area, according to their full potential. Through the use of the pre-unit assessment, teaching takes account of children’s own interests to ensure topic relevance to all individual learners. Opportunities for enrichment are fully utilised, to ensure a fully inclusive and engaging Art curriculum. This is supported through a number of links with museums and resource banks which engage the children further through practical activities.


If you wish to find out further information about the curriculum your child is following please get in contact with Curriculum Lead Assistant Headteacher Rob Watson