Byker Primary School

Class 5.13

Hello Year 5, 


After the couple of years that we have had, there was bound to be one final twist. Luckily, we have had experience of something like this before, so we are all well prepared! Myself and Mr Shield have prepared some work for you to do at home, to keep your minds ticking over. If you can, complete all work on a piece of paper and you can return it to school, when it reopens (which will hopefully be before we break-up for Christmas). Give everything 100% and try your best - that is all we can ask.


It has been confirmed that school is closed until the new year and therefore we can't come in on Friday. Do not fear though, as I will make sure to come back and see you all at some point. You can't get rid of me that easily.


Enjoy the work that we have set and look after yourselves,


Mr Goldsborough :)