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Below is a copy of their very first newsletter for July 2020

You can also listen to Dr Wendy O'Shea-Meddour reading one of her gorgeous books, Tibble and Granpa, here

Wendy is an award-winning children's author and a University of Exeter academic, researching the role picture books have on children's mental health and wellbeing.

July 3rd 2020 

Not one but two awards for Byker Primary School!

Our school has been awarded both the Virtual School Games Mark Award, for engagement in sport over social media during these difficult months and the Recognition Award, acknowledging our commitment to the School Games programme before lockdown which involved our attendance at competition level.


Please see the certificates below which celebrate our rich commitment and effort.


A huge thank you to Mr Danquah and to all of our children and parents for your involvement and support.

We are thrilled!   

Week Beginning 18.05.20


Our school would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Armstrong Allotments for their generous donations of plants and seeds we were able to plant in our new Edible Garden.

Our School Business and Development Manager Tracey Irving and her husband took time out of their evening to plant all of the donations so kindly given by the allotment they too are part of themselves.


Without this our Edible Garden would be empty and full of weeds.  It will be so exciting for all of our children to return to school to see the delightful vegetables and fruits growing in their garden.  Non of this would have been possible without Ms Irving and Armstrong Allotments so when you are next out for your Thursday clap, please spare a clap for them to say Thank You for their part too.

Week Beginning 16th March 2020:


Lots has changed this week in relation to school and new Health guidelines from Government, DFE, and Public Health.

As of last night (Wednesday 18th March 2020) information was shared that schools will close to all pupils apart from Key workers, this Friday 20th March.  We will be sharing a list of who this involves once received.


With this in mind staff at Byker Primary School staff have been working tirelessly to ensure all children can have access to work in the home during this closure.  We will be uploading a video and sending out letters via parents mail explaining how you can access these resources.


Please keep reading our news and we will keep you as up to date as possible as new guidelines emerge.


We want to thank all of the parents who have supported us in following the Government Health guidelines and we wish you all good health.

Week Beginning 02.03.20


This week the staff have been completing their training on how to grow plants, fruit and vegetables for our new project.  We cant wait to start planting the fruits and vegetables picked by the children and teach them the skills on how to sow seeds, plant seedlings, divide plants, rotate crops and harvest.


World Book Day: Thursday 05.03.20

This year each class have chosen a female inspiration to focus on linked to our whole school text below.  The children will learn about what made certain women inspirational and how we can aspire to be the same.  Some of the women we will be researching are Amelia Earheart, Emily Pankhurst, Coco Channel.

The staff will be dressed up as a book character and we look forward to seeing the children dress up as their favourite character also.  No one needs to pay to dress up just be part of world book day.


Mrs Pace will have a library stall set up throughout the day for children to come along and choose a free book to keep, and during our Friday whole school celebration assembly one child from each class will be chosen for making exceptional strides in reading across the week to attend a trip to Seven Stories where they will choose a book of their choice to keep.

Week Beginning 24.02.20:


Welcome back after half Term.  The children have come back to school focused and ready to learn.  All ready after our whole school assembly on Monday, we have had 2 children from Year 6 make pancakes and fill them for their whole class.  They even made a separate pancake with lemon and sugar for the Deputy Headteacher as they recalled it was her favourite topping.  Just a reminder how thoughtful our children are at Byker Primary School.


We have also had a visit from the Royal Northern Ballet.  The children have been learning how to move in new ways and they even put on a show for the children.


Year 6 took a trip up to the Angel sculpture on the Quayside before it moved onto another town.  It was a stark reminder of knife crime around the UK and the impact it can have on so many families.


These are just a few of the exciting things children have done in school this week.  Next week we have World Book Day on Thursday and will have lots of fun reading activities happening across school.


Take a look at the pictures from this week:

Week Beginning 10.02.20


What a week we have had at Byker Primary School.  Our new project has been completed on our playground and we can't wait to share further news about the impact this will have on the pupils, parents and wider community.  Stay tuned for further information.


On Tuesday we had a visitor in school meeting with pupils that have achieved super success in their reading skills.  Can you guess who it was?

He went around each class signing books for children that had achieved progress in their reading capabilities and encouraged other pupils across school to join in and become super readers just like him.

Super Mario even helped draw our tombola.  We have been using this as a way to fund a new Reading Shed for our playground.  We hope that with another fundraiser we will have enough to buy a new reading shed that will give our parents, community, younger siblings not yet at school access to a wide range of books and text.  It will also be used to allow a cosy space for our pupils to read and discuss books during break and lunchtimes.


We have been out on the road again with our school minibus taking 1 child from each class on an achievement trip.  This week we went on an adventure to Fun Shack.  Each week we go to a new exciting place where children get to develop new skills and have fun for achieving well in school.


So much has happened in school this week already and it is only Wednesday.  Please visit our web page again to see what other engaging events took place in school this week.

Week Beginning 27.01.20:


Our children went out into the local community this week on an R.E trip to our local Gurdwa Temple.  When the children arrived they removed their shoes, washed their hands and covered their heads as a sign of respect.  It was a great trip to bring together all of the skills we had been learning about in our R.E lessons.


The pupils also took part in a "Don't let the egg crack" Science and DT competition.  The children had to use various materials to create a vessel that would hold a raw egg in place whilst allowing it to lower slowly to the ground from the balcony without cracking.  Some were successful in their challenge and a few of the eggs landed with no sign of damage.

Week Beginning 13.01.20


We were thrilled to have Newcastle United Stars DeAndre Yedlin and Jetro Willems come and attend our Year 5 Match Fit session.  These sessions are run with by Newcastle United Foundation staff who come into school weekly to discuss and teach the pupils about health and fitness.  We even made it onto the front page of the Chronicle and Sky News.


Our achievement trip took the children who had gone above and beyond in school this week to Food Nation.  The children got to learn how to cut up food safely to make chicken wraps.  The staff at Food Nation were very welcoming and taught us skills in healthy eating, how to safely cut up vegetables and how to cook food.  The younger children were on wash and prep duties whilst the older children put on their aprons as Head Chefs for the day.  The wraps the children made were tasty and they requested we go back.