Byker Primary School

Byker Brothers

Hello to all you Byker Brothers and sisters!


Mr Thacker here!


I hope that you are all keeping safe and staying positive during these strange times!

I thought that it would be a good idea to upload the lyrics to all of our favourite Byker Brothers songs over the years!

If you feel like singing (which I regularly do), then simply click on one of our songs and you'll also be able open you tube link as well! This allows you to sing the lyrics alongside the song like we do during practise! 

This is also a great opportunity to remind yourself of the lyrics and actions so that you are well prepared for the next Byker Brothers performance (whenever that may be).

It would be amazing to see you performing some of these songs, so if you wanted to, you could film a performance and upload it to the Byker Books Facebook page - then I'll be able to see it!


Keep safe guys, I hope to see you all very soon!


Mr Thacker laugh